vs Winnipeg

The Eskies got lucky. Credit to the Bomber D for stopping Ricky Ray, but geez. If they Esks play like that, expect them to lose a couple they shouldn’t.

That’s for sure.

I think mentally they really underestimated the Bombers. Plus the Bombers played with more desparation than the Esks like they had nothing to lose.

I have a feeling they will be run ragged in practice this week for that performance.

But they did get the win, and I think at the end of the season they’ll all have a good laugh about that game.

It’s a dam good thing that mishap play happened against the Bombers and not a real team.

After watching the Renegades down Calgary tonight, had we played the Gades last night they would have smoked us!

The Eskimos played well enough to win. Thats the bottom line. Good teams win games they really don’t deserve to win.

…like montreal last week eh?..

Montreal deserved that win, but the Esks helped them out with mistakes.

montreal is old news.

…you’re crazy…