vs Ottawa

........pretty much the same thing I said going into the Winnipeg game, don't think is a cakewalk by any stretch of the imagination........has Ottawa fluked in good showings against three decent teams or are they THAT good?.......better to err on the side of caution and practice for them being THAT good.......

..........and the Burris/Copeland connection had better start clicking in order to make a difference........I'm a little worried this one might not go our way......thoughts?........

The beauty of sport is that it makes no difference on paper who the better team is - sport is all about who the better team is at game time. That being said, Ottawa has surprised its fair share of football fans this year. If Calgary gets caught napping, watch out.

–I think Calgary’s offence had better start clicking QUICK, if they want to win any more games. In Winnipeg we were fortunate with turnovers. But now we need more than luck. Ottawa is hot. If Burris and the receivers don’t start clicking quick, this one’s gonna go to the Gades. As of right now, based on what I’ve seen, I predict an Ottawa win. Hopefully the Stamps prove me wrong.

1st - Ottawa a FLUKE… not likely, they earned that win vs Montreal.

This game’s gonna be decided b/w Burris and Otown’s Defence which has played really well eventhough their 1-2 record overshadows.

Ottawa’s O line has struggled and Joseph had been the most saked so far. Calgary must continue this if they are too win… But I think Ottawa’s got more to offer then just the Burris Copeland connection. Copeland will be double covered and bumped around the whole game.

Watch out for Joseph, Ranek, Armstead - they are very dangerous, more then we think.

Ottawa will take this one in a defensive battle.

...........good call..........but if it's a D battle we're looking at our D can battle with the best........but I do agree it's the Ds that'll settle the outcome........that being said, Ds don't score many points, so we are talking a kicking game, and so far DeAngelis is kicking 1000.............

.........I wonder if the crappy game in Clair last year for the stamps will have any carry-over here...............the one Dunnigan lost for us in the final minute.........not to take anything away from the Gades, they took absolute advantage of poor offensive coaching that night.........

I think your "D" will be fine. If they can pressure Ottawa, Like Edmonton and BC did you should be okay.

You need to light a fire under Burris and Copeland. Copeland had a couple of "drops" in Winnipeg. Sorry, but when you get paid the big bucks as a free agent, you have to make those catches. Maybe a jar of stickum for Henry to hold onto those balls a bit. I think a couple of good drives, producing Touchdowns should build the momentum.

It will be a close one. Burris and Copeland have to raise their play for this game!

I think that burris and copeland are just a little shaky because we have been putting so much pressure on them. last year burris hasn't had a lot of pressure on him his whole career, because he was a backup. copeland hasn't had much pressure because in montreal they had so many good receivers, so they couldn't put it on one guy. i think that they'll calm down and start clicking this week or next. i hope.

Burris had lots of preasure! Didn't you hear the Rider fans? He was ranked up there with Lancaster and Etchevary. Heck I even heard comparisons to Jonny Unitas. After they were running Greane out on a rail in 2003, Henry was the best!

Ow that hurts when you bite your tongue and cheek together.

but when greene went down, no one was expecting burris to do as well as he did. sure, there was more pressure around playoff time, but saskatchewan was a good team. calgary hasn't had success like that in years.

Don't you think that when you sign a contract for 300,00 or whatever it was that Burris signed for you are saying that you understand there will be pressure to perform and that you feel you are capable of dealing with it.

Burris is being counted on to lead this team. He signed on the line for the job and pressure from the fans who buy the tickets and from the media is part of the job description.


I agree a professional football player is only as good as how he plays and how hea handles the pressures of the games played. IMO Stampsfan you are wrong. The fact is as many have stated since April that it will take time for the offense to gel and I think they are going through this process. The riders did not pick up there game until Burris got familar with his mate in the offense. It will come.

this game is not goign to be easy if copeland and burris dont star playing well together the reason i think they havent already is because copeland is used to getting the ball more but if burrislearns to pass this game can be won by calgary on the other hand ottawas qb kerry joseph has played outstanding so i dont know about how easy this one is goign to be for the stamps

Stamps are going down, courtesy of the Capital Punishment.

Gades, please stomp the stamps. I don't want to have to wait until labour day to see them get blown out.

In my opinion, Burris doesn't look any better or worse than he did last season. He didn't have a great year by any stretch - the Riders were only 9-9.

Don't get me wrong, he's an improvement from what Calgary had last year, but a savior he is not.

Fluke? my god, you dont understand how the CFL works do you?

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