vs Hamilton

GC Bound wrote "Just saying taking the next step means getting more vicious for 61 minutes straight!" :cowboy:

Vicious as in "Keep on Gelling, right on up to the Higher Ground." It's all good, now to move forward/prepare for Hamilton.

The positive was that the team looked a lot more disciplined in the last game. The O looked fairly good despite the run game woes (at least they were trying and keeping the D honest). I think you are right...team is gelling well.

We will see what the injury updates look like in a day or 2. There were some banged up bodies at the end of that game....Holley being the big concern IMO.

Honestly...game comes down to if they get their **** together in defensive play calling.

They have to win this game or we are staring into the very good possibility of being 1-7 or God forbid 0-8 going into Labor Day. The only up coming game after this one that I see as a very good chance of a win is the Argos up to the Classic. Yeah I know any given Sunday and all and upsets do happen but Riders do not play BC usually that well especially in BC and a game in Edmonton usually leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Calgary is Calgary and while we have had success in the past in their barn, that was then, this is now.

I really hope the team does not come out flat and gives Hamilton momentum. Sure the cats got beat by the Argos but I think they took them perhaps a bit for granted given the Argos performance last year. No easy tickets to punch on the schedule for a long time, so they better make hay today.

I hope Jones finally has the blinders off and sends at least 4 man pressure for 90 % of the game. We use that @*$@ 3 man front for a good part of it and were ******. Play to your strengths not your weakness and it's obvious or secondary is the weak link. Dropping back in 9 man cover and allowing Collerous all day to cherry pick and we will get burned once again. Bring the heat and make him uncomfortable back there and not be able to have 2 or 3 guys to choose to throw to. Make him have to dump it off or at least take the closer receivers instead of wide open deep ones. And for the love of God and everything holy run the freaking ball. If we have our RB's with less then 15 touches in the game, FIRE Macadon't. Control the clock and keep Hamilton's offense on the sidelines and their defense on the field. Wear them down especially in the first half and then you can possibly exploit them in the second half. If we allow Chick and company to pin their ears back and go after Glenn we are begging for trouble. Yes we have great weapons on the receiving core but if Glenn is on his butt before they can get open then they are not going to be much use. Make Hamilton have to respect the run or at least think about it so they can't go full tilt boogie after Glenn on every play.

It's time for Jones and Mac to nut up or shut up. Jones and Mac needs to call a smart and error free game. No stupid challenges and if Hamilton is doing something make changes quickly instead of sticking to something that is getting exploited time and time again.

If we play a smart,clean, efficient game then I think we do win. If we play like we did last week then history may repeat itself two games in a row. That is simply not acceptable.

Watched the snap, catch and ball placement - nice plant foot follow through FG. Ya Man :rockin: Crapigna
Go and spread your wings and YA come together - 37-20 Rider final

For the most part a good game. O-line still needs work, D line is slowly getting there, added a lot of pressure tonight, but then ti-cats not playing well at all. Penalties need to come down, could hurt us with the better teams. Special teams still not what they need to be. Glenn played well... Rosie was back at it, love this guy, takes some of the hurt off from losing Dressler. Still not sold on Carter, time will tell. Still some bad play calling again in this game. The team needed this to help gel, it's a work in progress, will tell the tale in 2 weeks when we play Calgary in their barn. Much better outing, gives one hope... still dislike Jones, that will never change!! Good game Riders!! :rockin: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Looked much better this game and am really glad we didn't go to 5 games and no win(Pre-season included)
Nice win at home. I'm holding back my "uncontrolled excitement" though considering Hamilton was and still is a winless team. :cowboy:

why was the out of bounds kickoff a 42 yd penalty ?
what did I miss ?

A kickoff out of bounds goes to the 45. It went to to 55 because they already had the kickoff moved back 10 yards from a penalty on the previous play.

Was a fun game to watch. We even had a half decent run game last night.

Is there another forum most Rider fans have moved to? This place is completely dead.

Thanks Depop


It has some great posters...or did...I haven't been there in a few years. Problem is sifting through 200 bickering posts to find 5 on the topic. The downside of being popular I guess...biggest CFL forum by far.

http://www.riderfans.com/forum/index.php This is where I usually hang out now and yes under the same user name. It can get petty a lot of times and lots of jabs thrown over many things so if your thin skin you have been warned.

It is a good place though for getting the latest news about the team as more then a few of the guys have connections. Very little goes unnoticed here good or bad. Mostly two extreme "camps " pro and con Jones but there are a good mix of "neutral posters" too. As much as Jones ticks me off at times, I try to stay towards neutral but I don't hold back when he screws up either. I do point out when he does well though too.

If you make for the most part logical and rational posts most will accept you. The extremists on either side get the most heat depending which way the wind is blowing. If though as I said you make a rational post and some may disagree then don't back down if its how you honestly feel. Flip flopping on posts or your opinions will get you eaten alive.

Many posts go on far too long and the same thing is argued one way or the other over and over but it is certainly an active forum. Check it out if you haven't all ready and go from there.

Now back to this game. Yes a far better outing by the defense with a lot more 4 man pressure used. Good to see that as stubborn as he can be Jones finally made the changed. Still some blown coverage but with the heat Zack had little time to exploit it. Still need to clean that up though as good teams will certainly make them pay.

Hey we actually have not a bad running game when we actually utilize it. For the longest time I thought the RB was just a place holder in the line up. Marshall had some good runs and yes he got stuffed a couple of times too but that is bound to happen.

I thought this one was not going to turn out well when Glenn threw the pick at the 5 and it was gone the other way, but to his credit he had a pretty solid game, still got lucky on a few passes that they weren't picked. With all his experience really wish that he could clean that up. One a game is still too many and like I said there easily could have been 3 at least. Glenn was fired up for this one and he even ran decently. Loved when he got p****d off at either Jones or Mac for going into hurry up near the end of the game instead of trying to run more time off the clock. While most of the time it is frowned upon for getting upset with the coaching, this showed that Glenn was thinking and didn't want to have poor coaching decisions bite him and the team once again. So loved the fire and effort by Glenn.

Rosie was involved plenty and it paid off big. Carter was all right but average would be the grade I would give him. Grant who I wasn't thrilled in signing really played well too. Still not sure why they are hanging on to Chad though and never liked the signing in the first place especially with up front money. Poor decision in my opinion there.

Yes a pretty good game all in all but still some work to be done. Hamilton is not going to fair well this season unless they get some receivers via trade or NFL cuts. They are pretty banged up though in some key positions but I have a feeling shovel face(Austin) is going to be under the gun really soon if they don't get things turned around. So yes getting the win was certainly good it's still hard to say that the Riders have it all figured out now either. A win is a win and no matter the circumstances we will take it. As I said before to have lost this one and go into the off week 0-3 and then facing the Stamps and things would be getting real ugly really fast. With the win now the team knows they aren't snake bitten and yes if they play smart, solid football for 60 minutes they can be successful. Certainly a positive for everyone.

The Cats really had the one huge int and one TD that was largely aided by penalty...they did not do a pile beyond that. The Riders looked good...they should have looked like a better team and they did...well done...as the Cats are without some key players and do not look good at all right now. Horrible penalties also destroyed them...Austin has to be worried about his job if they do not improve fast. Riders penalties also piled up and they showed some discipline issue...now those were late when the game was favoring them a fair bit, but they still need to stem that, because the still had over 100 yards in penalties. For Hamilton's sake I hope Fulton is just dinged up...because he was not good, got beat up on all day.

Imma throw this out there now...Riders end up trading a NI OLman and a Bruce Campbell to the Cats. This will have the potential to parlay into a late/post season move to pick up Franklin, or some other asset they are interested in.

The way I am looking at this team at the moment...looking better ever week...nice to see. This is the strongest O the Riders have had in years, and if they continue working that running game in there it will only get better. D still has a ways to go but it is improving.

It was nice to see more pressure on D. Only 1 sack I think....but the heat was there. A poor OL, sure, but still...they came. 3 man front was again not great. I also noticed that often when they were 3 down and not bringing a LB in it looked prior to snap they were not bringing a LB in, and when they were bringing someone in, it looked like they were bringing someone in...they did not disguise it well...but that is a baby step. The new OLBs got used to actually doing it, now they need to study the game film so they can improve on those subtleties. Edem was way way way way way better at rotating in the secondary. Biggest thing was simply not allowing the time for the long ball.

I don't think the 4 man thing was stubborn...Jones talked about this a fair bit a week ago and what he said made sense...it just didn't work.

OL looked fairly good. it collapsed around Glenn often but almost always left him a little pocket, not collapsing entirely. This will need to be a focal point for O in practice leading into Calgary, Toronto, BCx2...they all have a stronger push, so they will need to figure some things out...the little screens were a first step.

Glenn showed some mobility in this game...I really liked that. It changes his game in a huge way. Still a few that are scary pass wise...you are going to get that in a quick hit O....those are timing passes and you are simply not reading them like you are something 10+ yards down the field...there isn't the time....still concerning but it is going to be part of this O. You saw these same INTs with Reilly when MacAdoo was there as well.

I loved the Carter option. Receiver turned and backpedaled...otherwise that was a TD. It was actually a pretty darned nice throw.

Week one was a bit of a cluster...they had a BC to Montreal swing with cuts and only a couple practice days between...that was a tall ask, yet they put themselves in a position to win.

Week two they controlled 29 minutes of the first half and 21 minutes of the second half...but when they fell apart it was a perfect storm. When they finally started applying pressure...new team. The big thing is they never quit.

This team has put itself in position to win each game...playing ugly or not, they put themselves in that position. Now they got a convincing win in a game that they should have had a convincing win. Hopefully this is something that gives them confidence to pull out the wins in those ones that are a single score margin. Full week off to prep for the Stamps...huge game to see if they are truly progressing.

After looking at this again there were 3 passes that Glenn made that jumped out at me as concerns...
There was one about 8 minutes into the 4th...that one was underneath in the middle and never should have been chucked...almost picked. bad decision
there was one in the 3rd that was on a timing route...the lane was blocked so Glenn pulled it down, waited and threw. It was a bad pass...well short...which was lucky.
the 3rd was the pick 6...see above note.

So there was one that he just shouldn't have thrown...it happens. The other 2 were interrupted timing routes...hopefully something they have sink in for him in film study...if that passing lane is blocked on a timing route the worst thing you can do is pass it a second later. He needs to look elsewhere or kill the play

He and Zach were about equal for 'almost picked' though....Colaros threw some stupid passes...his were largely from pressure though. Francis had one in his chest and there was another one off someone's hands, plus a tip drill over the middle with 3 or 4 Riders there

I totally agree... we all know Glenn is bad at throwing into tight coverage and gets burnt lots. Upside he reads quick and can get the ball off when time is short ( weak O Line ) . DD was better at not throwing picks and I think a better arm, but he has always be slow on reads. He needs a strong O line to do his best work. Something he lacked last season... it was a season of run for your life with all QB's last season. Our O line has improved this season, but still not there yet! JMO

Sit back, and relax, ha we're just warming up, we got 2 weeks to disect now. And get ready for the stamps.

Not seeing the connection for a trade with Hamilton leading to getting Franklin. Would you care to explain how you see how this playing out? I'm not saying your wrong, I just can't connect the dots. :slight_smile:

Depop said
"This team has put itself in position to win each game...playing ugly or not, they put themselves in that position. Now they got a convincing win in a game that they should have had a convincing win. Hopefully this is something that gives them confidence to pull out the wins in those ones that are a single score margin. Full week off to prep for the Stamps...huge game to see if they are truly progressing."

I could not agree more and also believe unlike last season (where they also put themselves in winning situations) they have to win the close ones and get Way More disciplined while they are doing it.
Nix the penalties!! :cowboy:

Pure speculation and banter. Hamilton is in trouble with their OL. Riders have a spare LT capable of being a good starter in Campbell. They could potentially package that with one of their good national OL prospects for a high draft pick. I wouldn't normally be keen on moving OL prospects...but they really nailed the draft and now have Zyver as well. They have more prospects than their roster can really handle....so chances are they are looking at parting with one in some way. If they can move that combo for a 1st rounder I can see that being moved later for a QB...it Franklin.