vs Gades

So can the Bombers make it 3 straight at home. Obviously Ottawa will be favoured based upon their won loss record, but on paper, there isnt much to choose between these two and I think the Bombers stack up well against them. In fact the only advantages I see are home field and Jon Ryans leg, both of which favour the Bombers. What do think.

Ha Ha you beat a team and now you are saying that you are going to take the stingiest D so far this year.

Let’s get this straight you won vs a terrible Ticat team and you should have beat them 44-0.

Ottawa has been playing the entire league tough this year… On paper this one is a knock out. For Ottawa.

This one won’t be close.

Your right MM, since both sides have played Edmonton twice, and lost both games, The Gades were outscored 70 - 37 in those two games and the Bombers 41 - 20. So on paper anyway, the points for and against were Gades -33 and Bombers -21, a 12 point advantage favouring the Bombers, so it wont be close after all.

PIGSEYE - I don’t think that’s a very good comparison… especially when the Eskies played their worst game of the season against you guys. Infact, it was probably the worst game I’ve seen the Eskies play in the last… maybe 3-4 years? By the way, our first game of the season was against Ottawa and their team still wasn’t geling… Anyways, this game is going to go down the wire but only if Glenn can keep on playing well. Now if the Gades stop Charles Roberts, I think they take this one. It should be interesting.

Do not let the gades fool you they are a talented team and must not be taken lightly. Do they deserve to be favorites! Yes this will be a good test for the bombers defense and their offense because they come at you on both.

First off, my team in the East is the Gades. But let's be realistic, if it wasn't for Sasks crappy offense and to late game interceptions the Riders could very easily came back and won. The offense in the first half was nothing like the ofense in the second half..... We see which team of each team shows up. Just as BB never thought Ottawa was free stop don't count Winnipeg as that either.
The intangable...the bombers are finally playing hungry...

I think that it's either going to be a close game or the Gades will run the ball all around us and blow us out. So I think I'll start praying now.

I have been praying every night since week 1 for the Bombers. I know Ottawa will be a tough team and I like these guys. But come Friday, I hate them. Ottawa is a very talented team, and so are we becoming a solid/talented team. I still think Ottawa will lose agaisnt us, but I'm just going with my heart here. If the bombers have the same heart I do and like the rest of the Bomber fans, I'm sure we will win...

IF.....the Bombers want it more than the Gades....then I think the BigBlue have a good shot at this one.....Im still skeptical about this Ottawa team.....sure they have alot of talent and are playing pretty tough...but look at the start they had last year...before they tanked.....This Bomber squad has definitely turned the cornor and starting to get a confident look about them...... so the Renegades better bring their best stuff or they could be leaving town without 2 points... :wink:

I do not take the Gades lightly, they are an improving team with an envious record. I just think personel wise, we match up pretty good against them.

i don't think the gades changed that much from last year(don't correct me!!!) and the bombers won against them last year after getting their first win against sask. the momentum from the win over the tabbies will give us a winning edge

The Gades are a solid team, but their not going to blow the doors off anybody, so I like our chances at home coming off probably our most complete game of the year.

i think roberts is the big key for winnipegs success, i strongly believe that if the establish him early and he gets lots of yards winnipeg might pull out a win, u all have herd of the bombers record when roberts rushes for 100+ yards, going back to past years if roberts is sucessfull the bb have a shot at beating just about anyone (doesnt mean they will tho) and if they cant get roberts going, thats when the games get ugly....

and when the bombers played the eskies they lost on a last second field goal. and we would of won more games i bet, if westwood could kick a field goal!

And like we played two gems against you, we had zero F in offence and managed to keep the games close.

Okay lets look at the numbers then:

PF - Ott 209 Wpg 193 (Glenn in for only 4 of 8 games, Joseph played all 8)

PA - Ott 206 Wpg 228

QB EFF - Joseph 91.6 Glenn 91.3

Rushing - Roberts #1 Ranek#5 & Joseph #6

Punting - Not even close

Team Offence - Ott #5 Wpg # 8

Team Defence - Ott #8 Wpg #9

Like I said not much to choose from.

great job with those stats man, didnt realize the two teams would be so close considering ottawa is first in the east and winnipeg is last in the west, i have a feeling the bombers offense will climb some spots in the rankings lets hope our d steps up against the rens!

everyone thought montreal was gonna beat us but we showed them!

So, true Stegallfan....

You were right EE, not a very good comparison on my part since the actual spread was what 21 points, I should have realized how crappy the bombers played against the Esks and picked them to win by more.