vs Edmonton

Let the debate begin. Who sits, who starts, who disappears? Then game day we will see who those in power (coaches) have chosen

ok Since Peach was horrible and appeared injured then he will go to injury list
He will be replaced by Shomari Williams and Marshall
Davis will come back as the DT replacing Bulcke and thus our non import will be Shomari on the Dline with Marshall coming ion and out for Boudreaux and Davis
Linebackers ...will stay the same for one more game because Edmonton has smaller back. in time Simoni will take MLB with markieth and Jamal going back to their original spots

If Stephen is healthy then he will take safety with Hobbs moving over to Corner for Hinds and Brown at halfback for Webb who might be injured too
Stephen could also start at corner for Hinds and then Harris at safety and Brown half

On offence , I see no changes

I am hoping we get a DE with some CFl success or some young studs in here ...Our DT's are ok with Moore , Davis , Bulcke , Marshall but our DE's are horrible

Unfortunately I believe Torrey Davis is injured and will be out for a few more weeks, gerbear.

Hamilton favoured by 7


Well gerbear9 looks like you're the resident expert. No one wants to challenge your views.

Personally, I wouldn't let Hinds back on the field and I'm not sure about Webb nor Giggy either.

I hope Walker starts over Gable, and no I'm not basing that on one crucial drop. I commented on the preseason that I was less then impressed with Gable. Also, I would hope Raymond Brown becomes a consideration after the defensive destruction last game.

It is tough without knowing more on the injuries and whether Diedrick and Norwood will be ready but as a guess:

Secondary: Breaux, McCullough, Patrick, Brown, Hobbs
LBs: Knowlton, Johnson, Colcough
DL: Norwood, Bulcke, Moore, Boudreaux

OL: Simmons, Dyakowski, Hage, Wojt, Figueroa
QBS: Burris, LeFevour, Masoli
RBs/Receivers: Gable, Delahunt, Ellingson, Grant, Giguerre, Fantuz

Kicking Team: Scott, Bartel, Congi

DIs: Harris, Lawrence, Lamar

Defence Backups: Hinds, Beswick, King, Hazime, Williams, Plesius
Offence Backups: O'Neill, Diedrick, Charbonneau-Campeau, Diston

July 2nd: Peach has been moved to the 1-Game Injured list (to July 12). Taking his spot during today's first practice since the season opener was Sam Scott.

Gable better have the game of his life!