Vs Calgary

With Durant banged up, Crandell not 100% and Jyles inconsistant....and with Fantuz, Flick, Chick and Dressler not coming back anytime soon.....do we honestly have a chance againts a full strength Stamps team?

has anyone given us a chance in any of the 5 games so far? The Riders are playing as a solid team and I do mean TEAM. There isn't any "me first" attitudes and every player is giving it 100% each play.

I agree with you 100%…we are a complete team (our 5-0 start with no player of the week awards confirms it) but even great teams can only bend so much (with regards to injuries) before they break and i’m just wondering if we are gettin close to that?

On another note the fact we’re 5-0 with all the injuries is testimate to the job ET and Coach Miller and even Shivers have built here

^ agree totally

no one is saying Crandel isnt %100 he is expected to start next week. Also Jyles wasnt bad I cursed him a few times but if he gets some reps with the starter offence he could be okay. Fantuz is a huge loss but we managed after Flick was hurt with Crandel in I think we will see more of Domingez(spelling sorry)Bowman, Palmer, Berman. Im more worried about or defence at this time I hope JJ is back next week

I thought I read in the Leader Post that Dressler was only going to be out for two games, has his stay on the injury list been extended?

I think thats right but with hamstrings you never know....although with the lose of Fantuz they'll probably rush him back into the line up

Hard to say with a guy that is that fast how long it could be.

We can still win - did it before, will do it again.

No rushing with these guys. We have Dominguez, Grant, Palmer, Bowman, Berman, Bagg, Washington Getzlaf and Acree. Are either Getzlaf or Acree healthy enough to play? If Acree is healthy that may make that trade look better now.

Our problem with losing Fantuz is the Import ratio. Need to do some finagling there. Well that and he is one if not the best Canadian receiver in the league.

Need to get Bowman more involved. Do we know if Getzlaf is on the injured list because he is hurt or are they just protecting him.

Acree is on the injuried list... and although i'd love to agree with you about fantuz being top canadian, i'd have to give it to clermont just because he's done it for longer. not to mention the hits he's taken while hanging onto the ball

As much as I dislike Calgary, I think they are going to snap the winning streak within the next two games.

Does anybody know if Crandell will play on saturday? I thought he was backing yp Durant, Thats why I was suprised to see Jyles yesterday. Despite the win I don't think Jyles is first string material.

So who gets the start on saturday, any1 know?

The difficulty with Fantuz is you need to either replace him with a Canadian, or move a Canadian starter in somewhere else.

And his spot is the toughest of the Riders receivers, as the slots make the most pre-snap reads and route adjustments.

What I'd like to see is move MD into that slot position, and let Getzlaff or McKoy play the boundary WR position.

I think Bagg will see the field before either Getzlaf or McKoy, as he's looked much better than both in training camp and I think he's even seen the field a few times this year.

Oh ya....forgot about him. Any one of them - they are all about the same to me until they play.

For that matter, they could move MD inside, move Grant to the boundary WR and let the newbie play wide side WR - that spot only gets about 2 balls a game.

I believe we had 11 Canadian starters last game, and you only need to have 7, so this should not be a big problem. I suspect that Bagg will step in and he is a Canadian. But yes acree could also be brought in.

True, although I only get to 9:

4 OL

Are you counting Hughes? Do kickers count too?

As long as Wes "the Cadillac" Cates stays healthy this year, we should do just fine on offence. In my opinion, he is the early candidate for MOP.