vs BC

what would people consider a success against BC. obviously a victory right but outside of that, whats considered a success, seeing astho this lions team hasnt given up a touchdown in 3 games, i say if the bombers score a td, thats a success.

pretty simple.

i have this feeling tho about this week, i dunno what it is, its a good feeling, i seriously think and believe that winnipeg will beat bc this week. i just i dunno, something tells me its gonna happen.

If Winnipeg is to upset BC, Winnipeg must win the battle of turnovers. But this is unlikely because BC is #1 in takeaways/giveaways and rarely self-destruct. Although Winnipeg is strong in takeaways, it is worst in allowing turnovers.

Unlike Hamilton, BC has the best offensive and defensive lines. Elliot needs to connect with secondary targets because BC #1 defense is strong against top receivers and running backs. However Lulay should have some success against the worst pass defense in yards allowed. Also BC tends to play well at Winnipeg while winning 4 of 6 previous meetings.

True, but remember, Winnipeg's defence has been decimated by injury; they're pretty much back to full strength now.

Win or lose if Winnipeg can put up points on the board, get positive yardage and play well on defense (25 points or less) that would be encouraging going into the b2b against Saskatchewan. I'm picking BC because it is really difficult to ask a QB starting his second game to go up against Stubler's defense.

Remember, this is the CFL, any team can beat any other team. BC could easilly be complacent and Winnipeg could pull off a win.

....We've got the leos on a 'quick turnaround' week....Will that make a difference?...Sometimes good teams like the Lions find ways to win....Stublers' defences are tough ones to beat and our offence isn't quite there yet...Our D can match theirs when healthy and rested...Could this be a difference maker?....You bet... However a guy to watch is Arland Bruce 111....Lulay puts you to sleep by staying away from him for a good period of time, then when he lulls you into thinking he's not going with Arland at all, he hits Bruce with a bomb....I've seen them pull this one off in more than one game this year...Lions have a lot of weapons (namely our own Wpg, kid Harris)...Shut him down also and we have a chance....GoBombers :thup:

Sometimes when streaks like this are broken, the doors get blown open. The stage is set for a big upset, hope we can pull it off. Realistically this is the perfect game for the D to open some eyes around the league that they are back. If they can hold us close all game we stand a chance. We will need a great effort in all areas to come out with a win.

X2 :thup:

Couple of interesting points. BC may be prime for a loss given a shorter week between games and the general rule that all hot streaks come to an end, sometimes crashing spectacularly. Plus that come from behind win on the Leos in CanadInns is still pretty fresh in my mind. A repeat of that would be fantastic.

Would a loss be considered a win or success? The thing with Elliott is he's shown he has the penchant for making a few throws that leave the DBs salivating. He through a few that should've been picked off versus the TiCats. In his game time earlier this season he made a great throw for a long TD on his first throw then threw a deep pick on his first throw the next drive. BC has a veteran secondary that can make the bombers pay for that. Parker himself has had way to many pick sixes against the bombers. If Elliott can put up a TD, limit his picks to 2 or less with no pick 6's, they have a chance to stay in the game.

BC not having Mitchell available for tonight will also help the Oline. He had 2 big sacks in that first meeting in week 1. They still have some guys on the line that are decent but Mitchell is a beast. Guess that might explain why he did to earn his suspension i suppose. The Oline has played better in recent weeks. The test against the lions will give us a little better indication of how far they have come since game 1.

I really think Elliott is your QB of the future, and the future may be now.

That said, he's in tough. Stubler's defences are always tough to read, and their secondary, with Banks, Parker, Phillips, Marsh, and Shell depending on where they choose to play him, are a bunch of ball hawks, unlike what Elliott saw against the Cats. It'll be a stern test for him.

I'm soooo hoping Joey is the future, Madjack. It could be a huge night for Bomber fans. If Joey pulls off a win, against that D, there should be no looking back for him. Even a loss, depending on the circumstances, could bode well...

Fingers crossed.

ticats D looked ok against montreal last night.

win or lose, im pretty sure Joey is the guy going forward.

should be a good one.

i dunno why but i get the feeling that the bombers pull it off tonight, probably cuz noone thinks they will.

it will be interesting to see the reactions if we do indeed win tonight, if we lose, well we were supposed too.

what if we win tho? then what will people say.

Why does our secondary fall asleep during the final minutes of the 4th q. It's a joke. What,s the point of battling all game long and then just give it up when it matters most!

Agreed, I've noticed this more than once. Aside from this and too many penalties, I think we gave BC a good game. A tweak here and there and we've got a team !

that stewart call earlier in the game really was a game changer,bc scored a td a few plays later, refs dont call that and they kick the fg instead.

anyways, noone expected this game to be this close, bombers were supposed to get killed, funny thing happened tho, they didnt and honestly deserved the win.

put up as many or more points today as bc had given up in 3 games.

reality...elliott did more than ray durant and glenn did. he even played better than lulay tonight.

Don't get me started on the reffing, but I'm pretty sure two teams were playing last night.....We couldn't hold the best team in the league from marching down for a TD when it mattered and we couldn't score a TD twice when we had the chance, but let's look at the bright side. We scored a TD to break the BC streak and hopefully stop the talking about it that went on ad nauseum. Joey put up better numbers than Travis and we almost won. In spite of the loss, I'm not disappointed. We're starting to gel. I just wish they had got the ball to Simpson more with screens or short passes. BC seemed to key on him. I think Chad is going to have a big game soon.

Agreed. I've been wanting to see signs of progress at least, and with the right guy behind centre and the wounded returning, the signs seem to be there. When the best team in the league beats us with a last-minute field goal, at least we belong on the field with them, arguably better matched than last year's GC.

At this point Hamilton has more issues than we do, and I'm not sold on the Argos with or without Boyd. Compared to how things were looking a couple of weeks ago, one more home playoff date at the old place isn't out of the question. The parity this year stopped anyone from getting too far ahead of us in the early going.

Anyone know Watson's condition? He was hurt late in the game (Ribs?) and Kolhert was in for him. I don't think Cory finished the game....

No shame in that loss, they gave BC all they could handle. The Bombers are improving which is what most of us were hoping to start to see. Bring on the Riders.