vs. BC

IM GOIN!!~! im goin!! WOOT

1st game since grey cup in calgary for me to attend !! - I'll be loud, I'll be wearin white (dont have a green riders jersey) AND proud

All I gotta say is cheer for me and GO RIDERS!!!

Been there done that seeya Bc

I'll try and cheer for all the rider nation...

I'm on the side the Cameras are on, upper section LL 10 yard line.... - Honestly though BC Place Stadium is VERY VERY nice, and i dont believe it has a bad seat. (been to 4 games there before including grey cup 99)

Cool, well have fun

Hey, here's to a really great game. No matter what the outcome, let's go have some fun. Should be noisy!! GL to all.

I wish i was there but hey i was at calgary so WOOT GO RIDERZ!!!!

Yeah, win or lose you can't beat the quality of football at this time of year. Aside from that, I would like nothing more than to hammer the living daylights out of them. One more win and we're in the Big Game baby!!!!!!:thup:


Great! All you Rider fans showing up in my town, clogging up traffic with your slow moving combines and tractors or rusted out De Sotos being hauled by your oxen! Why not charter a few crop dusters instead?

Trash talk aside --- looking forward to seeing you guys again. Riderville was the best party at Grey Cup 05 and with the Riders in we're guaranteed a great event.

We have very few rusty De Sotos......

Hey gentlemen and ladies, im usually a ticat fan but since were out im going with the green riders to take it. Good luck over BC
thanks for Corey

Id say your welcome... but, i wish he was still here!

Lion meat is pretty tasty! LMAORAOTF :wink: :roll: :lol: :rockin:

Okay, so Gainer is the CFL’s number one mascot; no doubt about it…

… and tomorrow, the number 1 team will emerge. Both teams are strong. Hard hitting game.

Home team advantage; BC by 3.

ummm.....what are you like 10 or something?
better ask mom and dad if its ok to use the comp next time

what does it matter if he is 10? you sound young and stupid talking to other people like that. this is supposta be fun , remember?

Sorry gentlemen, TC is the greatest mascot in the CFL.
not some Gopher

whatever.. The Ti-Cats suck