i am coming down to the game on the 24th

i hope it will be a gooder

where from wildeyes? and have u ever been to a game? :smiley:

Should be a good game, Lions are due for a loss and Riders always play them strong. We are leading the season series against BC 2-1 Remember. 2 out of the 3 games BC has lost all year are against us. They dominate Montreal with ease, blow out Calgary, but at least against us we always play them strong and beat them majority of the games.

This is definitely a game that we should win not only to stay above .500 but to beat a western opponent and at least stay close to Calgary in the standings and keep it close to the end, even if our chances of catching them are slim. Riders will be healthy so we can't blame KJ for being injured and I'm expecting him to run the ball for goodness sake unlike last week x_x

Wild - please be loud... air horns, cow bells, yelling clapping whatever... just let them know that your therE!!! - I cant be at any games in mosaic @ taylor field... :frowning: -its a 3/4 hr plane ride away (Stupid Vancouver ISland!)

Im not sure how you think thier 'due' a loss... But i deffinately think that it being a home game we've got the advantage.. They just need to pick up the intensity! unike how they played at the banjo bowl...

i go to a couple of games a yr

I will be with the Childrens wish foundation my Parents, sis and myself are organizers here in Prince Albert we are busy organizing The Childrens Wish Foundation Wish maker Parade

but I will be there When the LIONS GET TAMED :rockin:

c'yall there

I will be making the trip to Regina for the game as I do almost every year and I know that the Riders will play the Lions tough but I always have a good time, win or lose, with the Riders fans.

Roar You Lions Roar!

Sorry, Lionbacker.....Since 1988, I've been to only one Rider game where they've lost.....I'll be there Sunday against BC....it could happen, but the stats are not on your side, my friend..... :wink:

JM02 If the stats truely are that way you need to start going to more games my friend. Especially games on the road.

lol - with the plans I have to make to get there, every game I go to is like a road game!

I must have lucked out last year when Buck came into the game and scored 2 TDs in the final 4 minutes to win.

I’m hoping my personal stat of the Lions being 17-5 when I go to a Lions game out of town since 2000 can get me through this game. Although, Lions have lost 2 out of the 5 losses were to the Riders.

I've never walked away from a Rider game I've been to feeling disappointed in the entertainment value.....I'm sure that Sunday, regardless of the outcome on the scoreboard, will be no different....

Safe journeying, Lionbacker!

At sportsbooks, the line quickly changed from Saskatchewan +3.5 to pick indicating public favoring Saskatchewan win. Obvious reasons include home advantage, bye week extra preparation, and history of success against BC.

However, there are reasons why BC might win. In 2 previous meetings, late lapses prevented BC wins. Now BC has improved defense, run offense and 2nd half performance. Also BC is healthier with fewer injuries. Usually, betting against a hot streak is risky.

That wont last to long knowing dickenson... Sick em' (Perry, Schultz, Mitchell)