Voting day, remember to cast your vote today

Just got back from voting, took about 5 minutes.
That's the beauty of a small city.


lol, I'm also in a small town and I live across the street from my polling station that opened at 9:30, so I thought I'd wake up at the same time as always, shower, have breakfast, relax, then leave 1 minute ahead of time to get there the moment it opens....

Nope. The socially distanced line up was already 50 people long and the polls hadn't even opened yet. It took 20 seconds to walk there, 45 minutes to cast my vote, and 20 seconds to walk home. Why oh why didn't I leave 5 minutes ahead of time. :sweat_smile:

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I drove by the advanced polling station several times after it opened a while back. One early afternoon I noticed that the parking lot was empty so in I went. Only three people were in front of me. That was quick. I'm DEFINITELY voting at an advanced polling station this spring when we have to do this all over again. :smiley: :+1:


While I was at the polling booth, I also voted for
CFL's Most Outstanding Canadian Award
CFL's Most Outstanding Defensive Player Award
CFL's Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman Award
CFL's Most Outstanding Player Award
CFL's Most Outstanding Rookie Award


I have been voting at all advanced polls since no no-longer have to prove you will be out of town

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Your thumbs must be ready to fall off. :grin:

Via the CBC site, which outlines the issues and the position of each party, and then the distribution of votes by party by riding, I am utterly fascinated at how your politics are covered in such an organized, orderly manner.

It's so easy to see who is voting for which party and demographic and geographic trends in Canada.

There have been improvements in American media over the years starting late, about 2008, with regards to coverage of the voting by district all via one big map.

Missing still, via the major media sites, is an organized list of each party and its positions like you have there via the CBC. There's also this dominant crap that there are only two views on everything.

It is noteworthy that otherwise here in the US, such streamlined graphics, tables, and charts for coverage, as opposed to all those tired talking monotone media voice heads, were only inspired by private websites.

It was a long time well after mass internet before the major players finally got around to it and without their prior heavy slant for sake of the actual numbers and presentation of them.