VOTE: Will Ricky Williams have a drug-free season?

Considering the NFL will be testing Ricky 10 times each month, do you think he'll get caught smoking up at any point this season? If he didn't care while being a Dolphin, why should he care while being an Argo?

For crying out loud let the guy live his life.
I'd take a ganga enthusiast on my team over a wife beater, drunk, or speed freak anyday.

Of course, he'll have a drug-free season. Say what you will about his abilities and the effect he'll have on the league, but he is not a stupid man.
He knows that his future earning power in the NFL will disappear completely if he backslides.
IMO, he will be clean and he will be a force to be dealt with this year.

A more important question would be.. "If, by chance, he has a positive test, what will be the Argos reaction?"

I don't care, as long as the beer is cold , And the ticats D puts him on the sidelines,

I'll drink to that...

Because he's still under NFL suspension and he knows his "fresh start" will end prematurely if he violates drug policy.

Ricky's at a crossroads and hopefully he knows it - he's saying all the right things, but he needs to do them too.

nope it is to easy and not a big deal to find the weed in Canada anyway even if he plays in Nov his system would be clean intime for Miami camp! so Ricky have fun get in shape in the CFL and party it up till Nov Oh being an argo say Oct :cowboy: :lol: