VOTE - Quote of the year

...polls close December 31st, 6 p.m.....

"I have to restrain myself from hugging him." - Danny Maccocia of Trevor Gaylor

?The last time I was out of shape was when my mother had me, and that was her fault.? - Milt Stegall, about staying fit

"It'll be different all right, I won't have some 10-year-old girl behind the bench telling me to go screw myself and that my mother is a whore." - Mike Abou-Mechrek, talking about how it will feel about sitting on the Riders bench at Taylor Field, during Labour Day.

You blink, he's gone. He's gone like a fart in the wind that guy. He's unbelievable. – TV analyst Scott Schultz on Charles Roberts.

"In the interests of public safety, please do not get between Andy Fantuz and the end zone" - Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall.

I'm surprised Mark Lee's infamous comment about the Als' D "jump(-ing Michael Bishop's) balls" didn't make the Final 5.

While I dont agree with Mr. Wall's political views, he did give the opposing DBs in the CFL some sound advice... :wink:

Agreed, it should really be there.....

Did Schultz really say that? I must have missed it. But that gets the nod from me. Too ridiculous.

Yeah, he said it on the CTV newshour, in a Regina broadcast, about 3 days before the Grey Cup. I saw it but did not know how to source it to show all.

I would not lie about something as critical as farts in the wind.

Too late for me to vote, but I wouldn't have picked any of these anyway. It would have been either Lee's comment (mentioned earlier) or Glen Suitor announcing to the world that Charles Roberts "picks his hole."

..three way tie, woo-wee...


if I didnt say it, then its not the quote of the year.

so there