Vote on your Favorite grey cup play!

Never seen that before , when did it get added? for those clueless like me its under fanzone and the crown royal vote to win! you can watch all the plays and vote, that williams run is memorable in my green and gold books! Sorry if this is hella old i just noticed it now!

The "Downtown" Eddie Brown catch vs the Argos in the '96 Grey Cup in the snow in Hamilton. What a catch!! Kicks the ball back up to his hands. Just amazing.

That was a beauty alright, Horus.

That One Was Awsome, The Other One That Was Really Good But Didn't Get Any Vote Was The Mocotti (I Think) Catch In The '97 Cup But Didn't Get Very Good Responce Cause The Riders Players Are In The Way And They Didn't Show Any Good Replays.

I loved it.

How about that 1961 QB scramble for a TD... images are hard to see, but the play is awesome nonetheless...

Greg Battle's first interception of the game in 1990.


TONY GABRIEL, and the catch.1976.........I was there with my dad.My 1st GREY CUP.

The year was 88 and matt dunigan was driving the ball deeeep into Bomber teritory late in the 4th quarter, he took three steps back and tried to hit a reciever up the middle and our def lineman, Grey was his name, got a hand on the ball and hauled it in for the pick...Bombers win ..Bombers win....

1994 or 1961 are the two for me, but I gotta go with 1961.

It's cool that the 1910 grey cup was played on a Cricket ground in Hamilton!

is that still there?

1998 in winnipeg, calagrys kicker makes a last second field goal to win the cup or so i think i was pretty young at the time, so any cups before that i forsure wouldnt know or remember

I loved that game KK. I was there with my great grandson. :roll:

:lol: if you were at the 1910 game with your Great Grandson then your cflfanforlife suits u a whole lot better then it would for anybody else in this world :wink:

Although he played for the enemy...Tony Champions CIrcus catch in 1989 for a touchdown to tie the game at 40-40..well you all know what happened after that..but that catch always sticks in my mind.


The 45 yard touchdown pass Matt Dunigan, with a separated shoulder, threw to Paul Masotti in the 1991 game comes to my mind as my favourite. My least favourite was the Leon McQuay fumble on the 11 yard line in 1971.