Vote on stadium location in today Spec

For all those that wish to vote on a stadium location today's Hamilton Spectator has a poll between 4 sites.
longwood, east mountain, confederation and west harbour. It would be a good idea to vote, something tells me the WH supporters will be voting and the Spec will be announcing that the WH is the prefered Hamilton location.

Results so far

: Which of the following stadium locations do you favour?

West Harbour (26%) Longwood and Aberdeen (9%) Confederation Park (23%) East Mountain (42%) Back to Poll

I think a higher percentage of WH supporters are more political in nature and aren't really interested in the TigerCats per se so I would think the WH will win out on this type of poll. A lot of TigerCat fans of the present dont' really care where the stadium goes so the site isn't as much of an issue and not tied in politically especially right now with an election coming up.
I voted CP only because I think it's the TigerCats preferred choice.

At this point 74% have voted for something other then WH. Thats good

I just voted for CP, not that it would do any good.

Eisenberger's and manager Murray's comments that WH is still in the mix suggest that this talk of an alternate location, whether MIP or anywhere else, is just wasted effort, going thru the motions and a sham... IMO, given events and political agendas to date.

Surprised Longwood isn't better represented. That's where I plunked my vote. I pretty much see that site as the last ditch effort. None of the other sites seem workable at all without a whole pile of jumping through hoops and/or mega infrastructure upgrades.

Thanks friday for the info. I just voted EM. Just my opinion but I think voting for CP is a wasted vote. CC will never let it happen, although it's a very close second choice of mine.

Well the beauty of EM is it's a site that we all know Bob has looked at and has the history of having the facilitator's endoresement as well and therefore HOSTCO's. I admit that. It could be the easiest to fast track and does meet a lot of the criteria for the Cats combined with the Cats even putting some funds towards the WH with it. I honestly think the Cats would consider the EM plan again even though it was taken off if the city approached him on the site again. But that's just my opinion.

It seems to provide almost all the requirements that Bob needs to give his business a chance of success. It's just that the City doesn't want that facility to leave the west end at any cost. Let's just hope the final cost isn't too high. By that I mean the team going elsewhere.

Im suprised the WH is just a few votes behind the EM and ahead of Confederation Park. Its easy to vote....are ticat fans voting?

here is the link

Key is that 69% of the voters do not want WH.

Remember as I mentioned that I think a higher percentage of voters for the WH site compared with the others have no real interest at all in the TigerCats or attending games or the health of the team, it's just political voting for Fred and for the WH site for cleanup/revitalization whatever you want to call it.

That's because the preferred site for Cat fans is split between three sites. Like Earl said, the majority of WH supporters are not Ti-Cat fans. I can attest to that from what I saw at city hall on the day of the presentations and vote. The WH supporters could have cared less if the Cats left town. :cowboy: