VOTE on if you want a Support Our Troops Night

HI Again

I see that the original thread I started to discuss this has gotten a little off topic, or should I saw too political. Thank you to those who have tried to keep it simply on the topic of do you support having a support our troops game.

To try to make this a little less…hostile…simply vote.

PLEASE do not make any comments one way or the other which then invites responses from people that disagree and then once again we are off the topic.

I will try to keep the options as simple as me.


To me, it doesn't matter if we have a night. I support our troops to the fullest. If you don't want to stand behind them, then stand in front of them.

My only issue is that why stop at honouring just our troops. Why not honour a group at every game? Why not have a Support our Steelworkers night or something like that.

It's like the bailout, you can't just pick and choose who you are going to help out, you either help out everyone or no one at all.

There are a lot of people we should honour at the Ticat games. I am all for the Troops but why not all of the people who have lost their jobs in Hamilton as well? Why not support our teacher night? Why not support our mothers night?

why vote? simple as that. have the night, end of discussion.stupid thread.

city legend

Yes by all means .

I would definitely like to see a night on which we support our troops. We could also honour families of recently deceased troops in the Afghanistan campaign who live within a fifty mile radius of Hamilton.

The Toronto Argonauts are thanking OUR HERO'S

The Toronto Argonauts have invited Emergency Personal to receive up to 39 % off Season Tickets for this year, In addition, the Argonauts are having a Emergency Sevices night on September 11th, 2009 vs the Hamilton Tiger- Cats. Discounted seats can be purchased for this game.

The Tiger-Cats should follow this GREAT idea !!

I'm very sure we already have one.

Matter of fact, I think we've had it for a few years. A very good friend of mine puts it on. He organizes the fly-overs, the presence of military personnel and a few freebies for kiddies every year.

I'd LOVE to see it continue on, even to a greater extent than it has.

Which idiot would vote No??

It isn't 1 person.. its 5.

So just because someone doesn't agree with your stance on this you think of them as an idiot? Shouldn't you be off leading some cult where everyone is forced to believe in what you do?

Yes its probably one person!
Someone doesn't agree with the stance?? A Cult ??
I think YOU are an idiot!

It's our troops - the Canadian military reflects Canadian society. They are overseas doing a difficult job - where have you been?

Why would we even be voting on this?? It's a no brainer - just like you!!


I think the mods should lock this thread. I was always told that public discussions of the following can get very heated:

My post was directed at mikem... not you. Not sure why you feel the need to attack someone who isn't even speaking to you.

I don't know what country you live it jaybird but I live in Canada where people have the right to disagree. Its wrong of you and mikem or anyone to try and force your views on someone else or insult them just because they disagree.

I guess you simply have no respect for human rights or freedom of choice.

BTW.. I do fully support our troops. I am not against what Canada is doing in Afghanistan at all. I am against people who insult others that have a different point of view.

I agree with zenstate: it's a free country, we have freedom of speech, we are entitled to hold any view we like and to express it. Exercising this right should not expose people to insult or ridicule or efforts to prevent them from stating their opinions.

As I said in my earlier post in this thread, it seems you can't really discuss this sort of issue without politics mixing into it.

If the thread is to be locked as merlin suggests, it should be because of the personal attacks. There are other sites for stuff like that. It doesn't fit well here.

Required reading.

I still don't get it!! Its support our/your troops! What's politics got to do with it.

It's like lets have a Mother Day tribute, why would we vote on it. We all love our mothers!

Those soldiers get sent to hell on earth by an elected government where everyday they have to worry about being killed. That's why they should get a "Support Our Troops Night", whether you are for the war in Afghanistan or not you can at least agree to support the troops. :thup:

To play the Devils advocate a little bit...

The Soldier made the choice to become Soldiers. Nobody forced them into the job.

You just earned 1000 cool points Rusty. You are a soldier yourself and you can still look at this is a rational way. I applaud you! :thup:

I really needed those cool points! I just caved in and bought a mini-van. So from my calculations, if I earn 1000 cool points per day for the rest of my life, I MIGHT be able to get back in the black by the time I'm 90.

The fact that you’re a Ti-Cat fan earns you at least 1000 a day. :slight_smile: