Vote of confindence.

Not sure if any of the Riders read about all our complaining but its time for all of us to start being positive. I am putting a vote of confidence out there. We have what it takes to win the GC this year and I have all the confidence in the world we will. I think our guys are losing faith and its our job to pick them up and help them get it back. Maybe we could all single out a great play or plays every game instead of the bad. Instead of thinking the good, the bad and the ugly. Maybe we should think the good, the best and the grey cup.
I think it was Woodsy that recommended they take the team on a retreat. That might be just what they need. A little time for the riders to compose themselves might be a great idea. A little motivation can go along way.
Can and will we win the GC I vote YES!

Hats off to you for emphasizing the positive. I'm as guilty as anyone for jumping on their mistakes. Don't know if the Riders will win the Cup, but they have the talent. Haven't lived in Sask for quite a few years now, but will always be a Riders fan.
Go Riders!!!

i said the same thing about the retreat. A road trip might be good.

They don't get my vote of confidence though. They are not playing like a winning team, and haven't since week 4 or 5. I have not liked much about this offense since then. They have pretty much sucked since the bye.

They need to improve fast.

I wonder if the law of averages has caught up to the Riders a bit. When they were going 8-1, they had 3-point wins over Montreal and Edmonton. Now they've had 2-point losses to Toronto and BC. They could have just as easily lost the 3-point wins, and won the 2-point losses. Law of averages, maybe. Key injuries, maybe. Lack of focus and intensity, maybe.
Regardless of any of this, the final six games will be tough. These next two road games will go a long ways toward demonstrating if the Riders are ready to regroup and make a stronger push toward playoffs. I believe in them and think they will get healthy and improve going into playoffs regardless of how they finish in the standings.

I’m not a field goal kicker but the odds of hitting the upright if you wanted to has to be pretty low. In my opinion Milo missed by inches or less. He wasn’t ten feet wide. Just a bad day at work. Everyone has them. I still think the team is totally surrounded by negativity and that is not a good thing. If they start to doubt themselves you will start to see the point spreads a lot bigger.

The Riders have my vote of confidence. They're a very good team with some exceptional talent. Durant is a very good QB. I think SSK has both a balanced defence and offence. They will win their share of games and may well end up in the Grey Cup but they will have to get past the Lions or Calgary or both. Not an easy task. They have their work cut out for them getting into the Grey Cup but winning the Grey Cup that they will be hosting this year is certainly do-able. SSK is capable of beating both Toronto and Hamilton. Either of those teams should make it into the GC and will be formidable contenders but I think SSK has got more talent.

Nice to hear that I'm not the only fan out there that has confidence in the Riders. The Lions are lucky to have a fan like you on there side. If you ever want to jump ship there is always room for one more fan in the sea of green.