Vote in Star poll: Which sport is more exciting, NFL or CFL?

While it may be a little unfair for the Toronto Star to do this poll only a couple of days before the NFL's "biggest game of the year", and the CFL season has been over for months...Be sure to cast your vote on which brand of football you find more exciting!

Ouch. CFL's getting hammered. :?

It's late but vote.... NOW! On the left hand side, 2/3 of the way down.

The NFL is in the news every day and there is heightend interest due to the undefeated Pats season, and this is the natuarl peak of their season. I'm sure if they did this pole in the offseason, or a couple of days before the Grey Cup, you would find the CFL support higher.

Polls scmolls, don’t waste your time with this poll, lots of people are just voting on this for a joke. But then, sometimes the stuff the tabloid king of them all, The Toronto Star, is a complete joke. It’s a tabloid paper from what I understand.

The thing about this poll is that if the NFL leads it then it just gives the media more fodder to bash the CFL!

Get over there and vote CFL! Our voices need to be heard!


The question should be a comparison between the big sports leagues that pay similarly and are generally regarded as the major leagues, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB. To compare the CFL with any of these leagues in a poll like this is dumb, the CFL operates very much differently as we know and is a whole different thing even if the sport is very similar to one of the them, NFL.

When people ask me what I like better, the NFL or CFL I respond that while I like the CFL better, the question more appropriate is what do I like better of the 4 big ones.

And really, now that I think of it, maybe it’s a compliment that there would be a question putting the CFL in the big leagues, by big leagues I mean the leagues able to pay the salaries they do. (I know that TV ratings wise, the CFL is i the big leagues of sort, I realize that, but many don’t acknowledge this).

The problem with your theory is that the NFL, NBA and baseball aren't OUR leagues.
The CFL and NHL ARE our leagues.
They're OUR major leagues when it comes to popularity.
YOu can't compare dollars, becuase they are ten times bigger then us.
But when it comes to popularity in CAnada, especiall baseball and basketball are NOT major leagues.
Some people up here can't understand that they are a separate country from us.
So why are we including THEIR sports as OURS?
Because I'll tell ya.
They don't give a rats but about us.

The NHL isn't really "our" league either except that there are 6 Canadian teams in it but a major minority compared with the no. of American teams.

Ask me what I like better as a spectator, football to baseball, basketball to hockey etc. that makes more sense. But hey, as I say, I think it's a compliment to the CFL in some ways. I think the MLS fans might like to see a question what do people like better, MLS or First Division.

Even if most people prefer the NFL on this poll, does this mean they don't go to Argo/CFL games? Not necessarily. While overall I prefer the CFL to the NFL, there are some things I like about the NFL over the CFL and I'm obviously a huge CFL fan.

Earl you make some good points and observations...

However when the very media that seems to be always playing on the negative aspects of the CFL asks for our response...I think it is up to us to respond!

No doubt if the numbers are low on the CFL side...these same people will ask "Where are the CFL fans?"

Look woody, where are the CFL fans? I might respond that people who like the CFL are a tad more intellectual than "NFL only counts" fans and don't want to waste their time with such kindergarten type polls.

Fair enough! :wink:

But if someone asks...WHICH THEY DID with this poll...would it not be a good idea to respond?

***By the the last hour the CFL numbers have jumped! Still behind by a couple hundred votes...But Really...can we not find a couple hundred CFL fans to at least make it REAL CLOSE? :roll:

Interesting!!!! :wink:

Now only 100 votes apart! :thup:

The latest is 53% NFL - 46% CFL. Given the typical margin of error 5%, there's either no differnce or a spread of 10%. :cowboy:

If the Argos were playing at BMO where the atmosphere would be 10 times better than the RC and anyone who "tried" the CFL in Toronto and gave it a try and came away disappointed because it wasn't the real party atmosphere at Bills games in Buffalo or Pittsburgh or wherever, the CFL numbers would be better.

The sooner the Argos get to a 25,000-30,000 exapnded BMO, the better it will be. Or play a game or two at Mosaic in Regina where the atmosphere looks pretty crazy also!

The CFL is closing the difference in this poll! I'd like to see if the CFL can top it! :thup:

If you haven't voted...please do so.

The poll is 2/3 down the left side!

Yep, this is NOT working out the way the Star had planned (having a CFL popularity poll 3 days before the Super Bowl), so they will probably bury the results and claim,..."well, it's not a scientific poll, so the results are inconclusive".

Not that this poll is scientific or anything, but I am actually quite surprised that as of 10:30 SAturday morning the CFL has topped the NFL 52% to 47%.
Considering what a pro NFL rag the Toronto STar is.

Well the voting is still open ...SOOOOO...If you want to help stick it to the Toronto Hype Media...

Go for it!!! :thup: