Vote for your Tiger-Cats All-Stars

Anyone else actually wanna see East square off vs. West?

just voted.

Is it bias of me to vote for a TiCat player for every position? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. I do the same thing lol

Sure it is. And why would you do anything else? (What? You think fans of other teams cough Riders cough aren't doing the same thing?)

Last year, everyone wanted to vote for Thigpen as a returner, but he wasn't on the list. Something tells me that we might have the same issue this year with Williams. I don't know if Williams will at some point take over from Thigpen as our primary returner or not, but it wouldn't surprise me if he did.

Which goes a long way to explain why these polls have absolutely no value or validity.

Fans only count for 25% of the votes. But with that being said I still am voting for Ti-Cats at every position!

Fans can Vote once per day, so keep voting for your favourite Tiger-Cats !!!!!!!!

Two thoughts:
It doesn't matter how many times you vote, you won't out-vote "Rider Nation."
Each time you succeed in helping a Tiger-Cat be named an all-star, you're spending a few thousand Ti-Cat dollars on a contract bonus. Those bucks are then not available, under the "cap," for spending elsewhere. It wouldn't amount to much in the big picture, but every dollar counts. While having a player named an all-star is good for player (bonus, recognition, an improved bargaining position) it's a financial negative for the team.

The east and west are seperate voting so it doesnt matter what the Rider Nation does, were going up against the East All Stars !!


The biggest problem I'm having is that my conscience won't let me vote for Ticat players across the board. There are certain positions where I just don't see us having anyone worthy of voting for, or at least not enough to fill all the positions available.

Not that I'm voting for other teams' players instead. I've been leaving those spots unassigned.

Am I a bad Ticats fan for doing this? :?


LOL just kidding. I say if you can't vote for a Ticat don't vote for anyone. Good job. I have no conscience so that's not a problem for me.


Rather appropriate tagline you have there. REALLY appropriate on this forum.

keep voting !!

To submit and enter a ballot, visit the CFL® AllStars website at . Voters may only submit a ballot during the two (2) official rounds of balloting. During the first round of balloting, held from 12.01 a.m. ET September 13th, 2011 to 11.59 p.m. ET November 5th, 2011 voters will submit a ballot for their choice of East and/or West Division AllStars. Voters will be required to select their AllStar favourites, by position, from a list of eligible players. Eligible players will be determined by each club’s 42 man depth chart. During the second round of balloting, held from 12.01 a.m. ET November 8th, 2011 to 11.59 a.m. ET November 12th, 2011 voters will submit a ballot for CFL® League AllStars from the pool of East and West Division AllStar winners. Voters are not required to vote for every position during either balloting period. Voters may only submit one (1) ballot entry per day, to be governed by IP address, during balloting periods.

CFL® All Stars Balloting: Weighting

Fan voting online at or will account for 25% of the total vote weighting. The remaining 75% of vote weighting will come from the CFL® Head Coaches and the Football Reporters of Canada (FRC). The first round of ballot voting, to determine Division AllStars, will commence on the day of (September 13th) and will be completed by the day of (November 5th). The second ballot of voting to determine CFL® AllStars will commence the following Tuesday (November 8th) and will be completed by the Saturday prior to the first post-season game (November 12th).

bump, keep voting for your Tiger-Cats everyday !! :thup:

Everyone still remembering to vote every day?

I actually vote for who I think are the best at their positions. The only Riders I put up there are ones I believe are some of th best at their positions this year, I have Freeman, Dressler, and Butler(mostly because he is a rookie and looks good playing that position). I thought other fans would vote for who they thought were the best too, but I guess not ticats fans.

I'm with you. I'm not a "black out" voter; there are a number of positions that I leave blank because I just don't see any Ticat player as All-Star material there. And I sometimes vote for players from other teams when they are just that good, even if it does mean I'm risking my Ticats membership card. (But never an Arrgh-Ho.) And as I don't know the western players as well as the eastern players, I tend not to vote that side. I'll leave the to the fans who know them better.

But I know there are fans - from all teams, not just Hamilton - who will fill the entire roster with their own team's players. Which is why fan votes aren't the only determining factor for the All-Stars selection. Otherwise, players from teams with the most rabid fans (wonder which team fits that description the best?) would be the only ones selected.

Did you happen to vote for any Ticat players yourself? Just curious.