VOTE for your GREY CUP classics on T.V!

FAN VOTE for CBC's GREY CUP classics :thup:

Starting Monday NOVEMBER 13th , 2006 the CBC will be showing GREY CUP classics on T.V. that you can VOTE for. :thup:

At this link they give you the chance to vote for 5 different GREY CUPS to watch on the tube.

Pick 1 GREY CUP from each decade [5] from the 1950's to the 1990's. :thup:

Show the CBC that Canadians love their CFL even if you can't watch the games. :thup:

Cool but why not let us vote on all the games instead of only 3 from each decade?

good point :thup:

Why doesn’t CBC release some Grey Cup Games on DVD? How about sets of one decade’s worth of GC games for $40? I’d buy a couple, and they’d probably sell really well.

They have a DVD for the 2004 GREY CUP which sold great. :thup:

But no DVD for last years which is so dumb. :thdn: It was one of the best GREY CUPS ever and only the second to go into over time.

We have to write the CBC :thup:

since they didnt even include the best ever 89 game, I will not even bother voting. Who is the clown that picked these games anyhow.

Agreed. Walby probably was picking the games since he is such a Rider hater. Hence the 1988 Bomber Grey Cup game is there instead. :lol:

They will be replaying last years game on
Sat Nov 18th at 3:00 pm

I really want to see the '96 GC again.

It is one that you can vote for

I voted for the 66 GC game for that decade, since I was only two when that game was played, it would be nice to see the Riders' other Grey Cup victory. The 87 GC game was a great one , it would be nice to see that one as well.

Take it from me, vote for the 1961 game for the 60's. This was a classic and the only game decided in real over-time(no shoot-out).

1994 Grey Cup

shoot i tink i voted fer the wrong games cuz those ar the only 1s i kan remembr kin i vote agin

They never show the '89 game on tv either. I've only seen it replayed once. But they do show the '97 GC a few times, so we can watch Doug Flutie hand our asses to us on a silver platter.

Well, at least the '96 "Snow Bowl" is on the ballot. Who wouldn't want to see that awesome catch Ed Brown made again?

TRUE! WHAT A CUP THAT WAS! I was glad that I was there , freezing.

I don't think the objective of the poll was to have a referredum on the greatest games of all time. That is why they will show one from each decade, and why the 89 game was not included.
They always show 5 games, and the 89 game (and the stupid 76 game--If I see that Gabriel catch one more lousy, stinkin' time....!!!) have been shown in the past, but you can't just show the same games every year.

Anyway, I chose 55, 66, 72, 83, and 91.
I don't think I have seen the 55 game, and as a Rider fan, you can't see 66 too many times. And 72 was the first Grey Cup with the Riders in it which I vividly remember--Campana was inbounds people--stupid refs!!
The other two, I just haven't seen in awhile. I wonder if the beer can will hit the Rocket this time...?

It is fun to see what will be shown!