Vote for your favourite CFL player

Whatever this is, it does not work with Safari if that is your browser. :frowning:

Idont participate in any poll that doesnt have doug Flutie in it, unless its a worse whatever poll :cowboy:

If it's a poll, look for a Rider player to win in a landslide.

I don't know... They're still losing the Most Optomistic Fans poll. We could be seeing the dawn of a new era... :o

I don't like these polls. They are not accurate and you can't truly determine a Country favorite.

What a piece of junk website that is whatever the merits of the poll. And hey, like most internet polls, won't it slant to the more populous area of the country anyway as happens in the US with most media polls slanting to the Northeast?

Why would someone bother to put up all that information without making the application interactive? It does not work on Explorer either and is not a browser issue.

Take two or scrap the piece of crap. :thdn: