Vote for TiCats TV host Kate McKenna

Drew at Scratching Post writes,

Kate emailed today looking to harness the awesome power of the Scratching Post for her own benefit. She's trying to land a job with a vacation company, travelling around globe and doing video pieces about the various destinations. Sounds absolutely terrible. She's made it to the final 10 candidates and now it's popularity contest: you can check it out and vote for her here
(Drew's post is here: [url=] ... -kate.html[/url])

Done. I actually really enjoyed Kate's videos on Ticats TV. I'm going to miss her. Of the 3 so far. She has been my favourite. She was funny.

Done. Good luck Kate.

I'm not really sure why Kate is not on here promoting a "vote for Kate" campaign - maybe she's shy.

But in any case she deserves to win in a landslide.

Vote early and vote often!

I would imagine she's trying to respect the no spam rules Bob. Very enlightened on her part. I'm sure she appreciates your blessing and we may see her here as a result if indeed its respect rather than shyness

BTW I can't find the vote option Is it my browser?

Just click on the play button that is over her picture. It loads a video on a new page and the vote button is just below it on the left.

My daughter and I are both voting for Kate daily. She did a great job for us and I think we should all make the effort.

Now that I know of this contest I will also vote for her from the few different accts I have access to. Of all the announcers that have been presented to us she has been far and away the most pleasant to listen to. None of the others come close to her presentation abilities. Between trips abroad, when she wins this job, I would like to think that she will once again be able to grace our presence.

If I had my way all I would say is


ALNC Computers




from today's spec:

How about making this a "STICKY" :thup:

Oh boy.

I ain't goin' there!


Don't forget to Vote for Kate today and tomorrow!!

At work AND at home, if possible! :smiley:

She won!

Way to go Kate!

Yay Kate!

Another member of the 2010 Tiger-Cat family is a winner!


Thanks for the update PiCat.

That's awesome!! I'm so happy for her.