Vote for the Most Unpopular Player 2008

Good dirty players help build rivalries and hype games and build the CFL fanbase. Having a few around the league is healthy. And the bad guys need some recigonition too.

Vote for your favorite for the MUP award. Maybe we'll rename it the Greatly Offensive Overrated Neanderthal award (GOON for short).

"Lions" for short. :cowboy:

oh man this is tough, i can't decide.

How did I not get Barrenechea on the list?

I fixed it for you

Guy makes one bonehead play and suddenly he;s being mixed in with guys like Murphy and Browner... :?

Suck it up - Murphy wasn't voted Offensive Lineman of the Year for the past two years without good reason.

Yes he plays aggressive, but no more dirty than anyone else on that list. You can't tell me that anyone reading this and that is a fan of any other teams than the lions, wouldn't want to have someone with Murphy's talent playing for their team.

Um... I can honestly say that I would never want him on my team. Ever.

I agree. I would not want him on my team.

Same here....his talent yes Murphy no thanks.

Agreed. They say it now, but if Murphy ever got traded to their team, their attitudes would have a sudden shift.

i voted for barrenchea, but how is Tom Canada on there? I would call him one of the most popular players on the bombers roster.
Yes i know he didnt want to play for the ticats, but who can blame him?

Last year i woulda voted for Davis "Dirty" Sanchez, but he hasent been that bad this year :lol: :lol:

I gotta question why Scott Shultz is on there too. Just curious why people hate him.

I was never the biggest Calgary fan, but I always cheered for them in the playoffs. However, since they've signed Bertuzzi, I can honestly say I won't be cheering for them this year, even if they're the last remaining Canadian team in the playoffs. So don't tell me my attitude would shift if the Eskimos traded for him.

Not for 1 second!

I wouldn't want him on my team either but if he was on our team I would still cheer for the Esks and hope that maybe his attatude would change.

Well it is likely that we will never have to test the theory of supporting Murphy on another CFL team. I don't think he would move anyway. He will probably retire within the next year or two. 2007 year was supposed to be his last but he came back for this season. Mind you, I believe he sells real estate in Florida in the off-season and with 3 new babies to feed, and the U.S. (and Canadian too) real estate market having tanked, he might have to play a few more seasons.

That said, for all you folks out there that say no way, just remember there are probably some coaches out there that would like him on their squad.

Carefull Chief, he's a free agent next year (I think). He could end up on your team!

Then here's hoping no one signs him and he spends the rest of his life standing in the unemployment line...

Actually I hope not....He may end up choking the guy in front of him in line, then accuse him of poking him in the eye