Vote for the CFl's sugar plum fairy!

First see this video and thne let us know who you think fits this title!

It is too funny!

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doesn't come up for me

fixed if it

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I thought the sugar plum fairy was McCallum?

Oh was that video of, Coach cheering before the game was actually finished..
He has a knack for that kind of thing..


Stiring the pot again R&W2005?

I dont get it.

Sugar Plum Fairy? More like one of the Seven Drawfs - I was thinking Dopey.

he has a who cares

why edmonton didn't get called for too many players on the field for that, I'll never know. :roll:

What a toilet bowl ring RNR!

Not at all I thought this was very funny even before I found this on the internet. I here next year he will get all his players doing ballet!

So how exactly does it feel to lose to HIM, Stampeder fans?


…no doubt badly Jebus…he beat three hugely-qualified coaches in a row…good for DM for accompishing that…but he still comes off looking like a doofus…glad he’s your team’s coach, not mine…

It would have been a bush call in the biggest game of the season. There would have been dozens of posters screamin for the Ref's heads if they had flagged that.

That would have been funny, and Montreal would have another chace.

only edmonton fans would scream, the rest would have been celebating with Montreal. 8)

Funny...Yes.... But not in the big game.

fair enough, but being an Esk hater, I'd just like to see them fail.

If he ever fails as coach he could always be part of the Schmoes drill team oops cheer leaders.