Vote for the 2008 Walk of Fame Member

Cats Claws would like the members of to vote for one of the following nominees for the 2008 Walk of Fame.

I love Both Dave Marler & Paul Osbaldison

Dave was 1st QB I ever seen play live.
He gave me my 1st Autograh ever as a Kid.
I Still have it .

But How can you not go with Osbaldison.
He lived and Died as a Ticat.
Won us Grey Cups and East Finals.

Next year David This Year Paul

Dave Fleming spent almost 10 seasons as a Ticat.
For a long while he was the only player in the top 10 Ticat receivers AND top 10 Ticat rushers. (I tnink he is sill in the top 12 receivers).
He also occasionally played DHB, especially at SS where he consistently shut down opponents' TE or SB.

My vote is for Dave Fleming this year, Ozzie next year.

I would have to agree.

No disrespect to Marler .... just can't see him on the wall.

I'm with merlin on this. Where is Dave Fleming these days?

Since I owned several season tickets throughout the careers of all of these former players and never missed a game, I feel very confident in voting for Ozzy as the player to go on the wall of fame in 2008, followed by Fleming at a later date.

I respected Dave Marler's play but really didn't think him good enough for the wall of fame.

There are several players I would choose over Marler. Tony Champion certainly, is one of the first that come to mind.

Ok so I am partical to kickers, How about Bernie Ruoff !!

I noticed that each of you keep saying the "WALL OF FAME". This voting is for the indiviual that you would like to see go up on the "WALK OF FAME". Just wanted to make sure that it was clear.

My vote is for Ozzie....hard to deny a guy that did so much for the Cats. No disrespect to the other fine candidates.

Fleming first, Ozzie second. You have to make the Walk mean something by limiting it to the truly great players, not just the merely good or more popular guys. Marler doesn't meet the threshold for me.

An Argo-Cat fan

8) I agree with you barneyfife1, Dave Fleming should definitely get the nod for 2008. He exemplified a real TiCat player from the old days, tough as nails and he also played linebacker as well as halfback on some of the best TiCat teams of all times !!!

I would agree that Ozzie should definitely get the pick somewhere down the road!!!! Nothing against Dave Marler, but he is hardly worthy of this type of award at all !!!!!

Dave Fleming.

He was one the all-time characters
that the Tiger Cats have ever had

at the same time he was a tough S.O.B.
who would surely knock your head off
if you didn't keep your head up.

Let's get him in now before
those of us who saw him play

are all dead and gone or
too addle-brained to vote.


If he wins the nomination, all in attendance
at the Walk Of Fame Dinner in 2008,

I guarantee, will be peeing their pants
laughing the whole night long. :smiley: :smiley: :rockin:

I am gonna have to vote for Ozzie..... only for one reason!!!! 1998 Eastern Final on the last play of the game. He won us 1986 Grey Cup and he helped us win about 50% of the games that he has been with us. Put him up this year because he deserves to be with the great names on the wall.

I think that Dave Fleming should be the one on the Wall of Fame for 2008.
As stated earlier he was tough as nails and played offence, defence and special team.
When he sang his high school song at Quarterback Club meetings he was hilarious.
Dave Fleming was one of a few players that went from high school to pro football.

Ozzie is a no brainer
Fleming is borderline
Marler? Are you kidding? He’s my investment broker so I bear no grudges but IMO his playing carrerr was unspectacular at best

Thank you for you input and just a reminder that the deadline for voting will be January 27th.

Dave Fleming.
Dave Fleming was from Steeltown South.
Dave Fleming was a character on and off the field the likes that you hardly see now.
Dave Fleming played offense by catching, running and blocking, played defense, returned punts, returned kickoffs, held for field goals sometimes and I think he even punted a few times.
Dave Fleming could always be counted on for that important catch or run.
He played old time Tigercat smash mouth football where it was about the team and not all about individuals like today.
I never had the chance to meet him, but this fan that grew up cheering from section 24 with his Grandfather, and watched him catch that important touchdown in the 72 GreyCup right infront of us in the northeast endzone, will always be a fan and will always remember!
Ozzie, you will have your day I'm sure.
And no offense to Marler but he was nothing without Rocky.
Dave Fleming loved Hamilton and loved being a Tigercat !
Vote #21 Dave Fleming in 2008!
And to the person or persons that nominated him, thank you for remembering too.

I agree that Dave Fleming should go in...I remember the Ozzie kick that put us in the Grey Cup, and the way the place shook after that kick...but I ALSO remember the very first regular season game at the newly-renovated IWS...Fleming caught a t.d. pass to beat Edmonton in the southeast corner and the place went BERSERK...I swear, at 8 years old, I thought my life was gonna be over in a twisted pile of north stands...

He was a TRUE Tiger-Cat and while I think #3 WILL be up there, #21 desserves to be up there!

youre certainly right about ozzie being a no brainer... in more ways than one especially near the end of his career

but for guts and Ticats determination
you have to go for Dave Fleming..

he could a' been at home on the night shift in the blast furnace..
steel in his veins- ran throuygh people when he couldn't run by them... sort of like Bob Jarus (bet no one remembers him)

but heck... in fairness to the Wall of Fame ?

what about Paul Decker? Dave Viti? Bronco Nagurski (Jr*) or John Holman.. Chet Micska..(could never spell the name)

truth be told the Wall of Fame could be become really really big before either the 2 Daves or Ozzie legitimately earned their spots.

They should pick a name from

and expand the wall

thats the only fair way .... or else its just the newest fans who get to pick the "deserving" additions.

Its as absurd as the NHL greatest player of all time nominations on ESPN... and neither Gordie Howe or the Rocket were in the top 20...

its about class, style and skill history and loyalty to "the Firm" not popularity