Vote for Luke for play of the year, vote often

[url=] ... ius-bowman[/url]

on it!!

I’m trying, I voted for 20 minutes, but got tired and we’re losing ground, everyone needs to help.

We are up.60-40 phew time for a break.

Back to work. Were up 54-45.

I've been busy clicking while watching the Yates Cup and doing a couple of other things too! Pulled it up on my phone but the count there for "Cool Hand Luke" was about 150-160 votes behind. The count for Bowman was accurate though - go figure! :roll:

Anyway just taking a break and Luke was up by 500 votes - only sporadic action from the supporters of AB's catch.

Up by 1100 votes :thup: 19.5 hrs to go :thup: :thup:

too bad tasker and possibly owens would have to meet to soon. I think they should be the two finalists.

I start falling asleep after too long. i'll be back at it shortly

i'll do my best to get a Toronto player at the final. that fan base doesn't vote so it'll be an easy win for Banks or Tasker