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Git'er done

Won't be an issue G!

Lucky for us he's not going up against a Saskattoonawean player

Or maybe not, we be behind.

Trying to remember the set up I used during last year. I think I used Window tabs or both playbook.

I think this one wont matter as both players will likely have better plays coming up

Hope so.. Well SPEEDY not so much Greg.

And I need this I really want to beat The BUMCRACKS at something this year lol

Really not sure how ANYONE could call a TD pass that pretty much land in your lap a "marvellous catch"! :roll:
Surprise, surprise- Stegall thought that Spedy's play was better while Schultzie went with Ellingoson.

I've been voting on and off. Earlier Speedy was behind, when I went back a while later he had close to a 2% lead but that has evaporated and now they are pretty much neck in neck, Speedy with a VERY slight edge - less than 10 votes. Time to get voting!

Ticat nation taking control of this one SPEEDY up 55-45..

Only 4 hours to go, and more heavy voting up next is Tasker vs Bowman. Yeah carpal tunnel for everyone!

Over 10K votes for speedy , well done people :thup:

2700 vote lead with 2hrs left

Over 12,000 votes which is just over 60% with not much more than 20 minutes remaining! :smiley: :smiley:

Once Speedy gets a step ahead, there is no one catching him from behind! :rockin:

Funny thing is, that wasn't even Banks' best play of that game. Earlier he turned a routine sideline pass into a TD by bowling over not one, but two BC defenders, including Mr MOP Elimimian. Even a behemoth like Nik "the Plumber" Lewis would be hard-pressed to do that, never mind a 155-pounder.

it is crazy a small guy like that can break arm tackles like he does..

on to Tasker vs Bowman!

sooooo should we just start voting against Saskatoonewan players and get them eliminated now?

Voting is closed, Banks shown as the Winner.

going full on strategy on this biatch

voting for the Toronto Girlyman now to get rid of the stamps player

will vote for Rainyman to get rid of the Sasky guy.

next round Jennings over Sasky guy and if it works out vote girlyman over rainyman

pool A will be a Tor vs BC final, we vote tor.

pool b is easy. get Banks vs Tasker final

Banks or Tasker vs Girlyman POY Final. we take it cuz Toronto has no fans that'll vote

Thought the same thing when I saw the play. The one you described was perhaps best, then there was the one where he jigged and jagged through the other team (can't remember who) all the way down to the 15 yard line. Lots of sharp cuts and a few straightarms thrown on that run too. This was just speed and a hole.

team bias aside, I think the chad owens catch should be the big winner.

STage 1 complete.