Vote for Next week's CFL offenve player of the week

  1. Kerry Joseph
  2. Hugh Charles
  3. Corey Boyd
    4 Fred Stamps
    5 Jerome Messam

My vote is :

4 Fred Stamps

Henry Burris


There have been 9 players of the week so far this year.

How many of these have been against the Cats?

The last 5 weeks it has gone to someone playing against us...

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In 11 weeks (10 games) there's been 6 offensive players of the week against the Ticats (the last 5, plus Darian Durant in week 1).
Plus Andrew Harris, another offensive player, won Canadian of the week in week 2.
And when Cornish won Offensive PoTW, he also won Canadian PoTW.

There's also been 3 Defensive PoTW (Bighill, Hall, Carroll) and 1 Special Team PoTW (Taylor).

And in 2 of the 4 games that the Ticats didn't give up the Offensive PoTW, it was because they won it themselves (Burris).

Don't all the players of the week on offence against the Cats defence make anyone think that there may indeed be a problem with the defence that needs to be adressed?

If so, does anyone think that the addition of the Stamps and Lions d-men fix the problem?

The question can be rephrased as follows:

Did anyone attend practice today and was Creehan still the Defensive coordinator?

Definitely Kerry Joseph. He's already talked to Joey Elliot, and is looking forward to his 400+ yards of offence.

Is it too late to pick Fantuz, who will also take top Canadian POTW?

Mark my words. A monster game from Fantuz Saturday. Monster.

Good choice.

Coach Creehan. Because the beating his defence put on the Esks was offencive. Offencively great!!!!