Vote for Hamilton on a Saskatchewan website

Hi all,

CTV News Saskatoon has a daily poll, and today it is "who will win the Grey Cup?".
Well I'd love for you all to help me give people in Saskatchewan an unfavourable poll result on their own website. Best part is, this poll usually has a lower voter turnout, so we should be able to swing the vote. The results are displayed nightly on the 6pm Saskatoon news :slight_smile:. This also means the voting will finish up late tomorrow.

Half way down the right hand side of the page, vote for Hamilton.


Just voted. Hamilton's currently leading by 64%!

Much appreciated! If any of you living in the Hamilton area can share with your friends on Facebook, that would be great. I'd love to see an overwhelming Ticats vote result on tomorrow night's newscast.

Just brought it up to 65%. :rockin: :rockin:

Just voted four times,

Once from my phone, Three times from my three different work computers :lol: :lol: :lol:

This is fun. Rider fans always spam votes. Hamilton now up to 67%!

I put my vote in too :lol: I wonder if Hamilton comes up on top, will they actually show the results?

Now at 71%. Nice to give the Rider fans a taste of their own medicine…

72% Cats after my vote. lol

449 votes 76% CATS

1062 votes....


Just voted.
Hamilton 82%
Them 18%

I'm in.

Hamilton is at 84%

just voted!!..1671 votes…Hamilton 77% Sask 23% :rockin: :thup:

keep it up!!!

Wining the poll is great…winning the game is what counts LOL!

GO RIDERS! :rockin:

Stuck at work today :cry: But made it better by going to other computers and voting!

We got caught by the greens :lol:

Caught.... (as in found out) but the results?

Saskatchewan 606 votes (26 %)
Hamilton 1768 votes (74 %)

Their website is making fun of us for doing it. Imagine.... the pot calling the kettle black! :smiley:

Just a foretaste of tomorrow!

Yeah but this is different blah blah (insert random excuse) :lol:

LOL, it's all in good fun, it's hard to stay entertained while waiting for the game on Sunday, this has been such a long week, I started counting down the days on Tuesday, one more sleep :smiley: