Vote for Dave Dickenson

Do you think the Riders should go after Dave Dickenson now, so that they might be able to sign him as a HC next season?

  • He is young with a fresh look at the new era of ball
  • He was developed largely under Wally, winningest coach of all time (and I would say may be offered BC HC job once Wally is gone, because Wally fricken loves him)
  • He has worked under Huff...a solid coach who puts together a competitive team every season.
  • Huff promoted him the OC this year, because he KNEW he was gone if he didn't
  • I don't think Scott Milanovich is interested

There will be a few teams looking for HC next season...I say they jump on it now:

  • Wally says this is his last year coaching
  • The Riders...assumably Miller only wants to finish out the season
  • Toronto...unless they really turn things around it will be a coin flip on whether there is a change needed.

not enough experience yet.

and he will not leave Calgary because he has it too good there.

Your points are well taken in regards to Dave but I don't know if he is ready to be a HC - and that is a gut feeling only. I would like to see Matt Dunigan be approached.

Having it too good? a HC job is most guys end goal...

I think his lack of experience could be a benifit. One who gets an early opportunity in a creeer path generally focusses harder, and is willing to take in advice.

He has the skills. He has the knowledge. He can run an O. He, I think, will be a top notch HC some day...why not now. He already knows how to make decisions, that is not going to change. His knowledge of the game is going to increase, but that is always going to happen.

I just see him as a HC in a year or 2, succeding, and other teams cussing that they never jumped at him.

What I like about Dave is that when you look at the sidelines people are surrounding him soaking in what he is saying. He might be calm, he might be yelling, but they seem to eat up his words. That is the #1 thing you need in a coach. His sideline demeanor reminds me a lot of Austin's...a coach players both feared and respected...a guy you listen to and that you both want to respond for him, and feel you need to.

I won't hold my breath waiting for Dickenson to come to Riderville. I think his wife is from Calgary, pretty sure he's not comin' here any time soon. (Like ever.)

I don't give a good goddamn who they hire until Taman is shown the door. In fact I pity any poor fellow who gets hired because WHEN - not if - WHEN he fails to deliver wins that are not possible to get because Taman can't get him players, the poor guy will be labeled a loser and never get another job again.

This may sound sarcastic, but it's so true, there is no way to say this without coming across sounding like a ranting comedian.

Etcheverry saved his own ass, getting out while he could. I'm dead serious. Marshall and Berry have my utmost respect at this point. They were the warriors on the front line taking all the shrapnel that their generals' complete ineptitude set them up to fail.

I see Dave no different than Kent Austin when he beame a coach. He went on to win a GC in his first yearof coaching. In a thread i start earlier, people were asked who to replace Berry with. Jeff Garcia, Drew Archer, Damon Allan and Tracey Ham were some of the QBs metioned.

Matt Domingeuz has indicated he is not interested in the position.

I am not interested in hiring ANYONE to set them up for failure.

I refuse to discuss potential names for the coaching staff until Taman is gone.

I love Dave but I don't know if he's ready to be HC.

I see there have bee a few votes in Dave's favor in the past bit, as it used to be like 2-7.

Anyone else have a change of heart? I see a lot more posts on him now.

Scott Milanovich would still be sweet, but I believe he would say no yet again.

At some point huff is going to just be a front office guy. If Calgary can win a grey cup in the next two years, you will most likely see it. At that point it would be Cris Jones or Dave Dickenson as HC. one of those two should be up for grabs very soon for a HC job.

Understandable, but, Dave might, understandably, see Jones as the front runner due to time in. He may then hop to another team for a shot. Both of these guys are head coach candidates, so I could see at least one going elsewhere because they know it will be a long wait if they are not the first choice.

I also think the Argos and lions might be looking, so best be on it. Wally claimed this is his last year doing double duty, and he really likes Dave.

And has a very high ranking position with the Calgary health board I think it is. She makes more than even a head coach would pull in. Can't see them leaving Cowtown, unless he wants to live apart for most of the year.

Dickenson would have to have full control of coaching decisions and free reign in order to have a serious change of success.

plus he'd need one hell of a contract.

I'm fairly certain that his wife would have no problem getting a similar job in Sasky. That industry is looking for qualified upper management.

Dave maybe up to the challenge and could end being a hall of fame coach in Sasky.

I think Dave has the balls to do as he pleases staff wise and it would be a condition of contract...same as Austin did.

I don't think the Riders would have issues being extremely "competative" with a contract offer.