Vote for Danny and Darren!

As Bob would say its time to stuff the ballot box!

I voted for Flutie and Pitts.




Done- But it was not as easy as just picking the ticats entry, hollaway /grier, flutie/ pitts Moon/kelly, how do you not pick any of them,- Dmac and D flutie did their thing on 3 Dif teams, and won the cup with all three EE/BS/ and the TiCats thats why i chose them, Homer vote- ? noT


Done :thup:

I hope you guys get it done. While I have done nothing but post on a number of sites in support of danny and darren, when push came to shove, I just had to vote for my fav player of all time, Doug. In short, my head says darren, my heart says doug. I be happy if either one wins.


Done... then when I realized you can't vote more than once a day per computer, I asked Darling Husband to vote from his Blackberry. That worked!

if you can vote every day, then I am going to alternate between the fluties :rockin:

done mcmanus and flutie
is there another way to vote if you dont have a computer?

yeah, phone everyone you know and tell them to get online and vote for you, even if they live in another country and know nothing about football. :thup:

What about Maas to Yeast?

I voted....

Done. :wink: