Vote for CJ Gable in TSN’s CFL Play of the Year

Go give Gable your vote.

I would have nominated Gables's catch and run for a TD last week for play of the year instead.

Lol, he tried to jump over a guy and got caught. Interesting. Funny. Play of the year? Er... no. Especially compared to a one handed grab while getting rocked.

That being said, every year the final candidates are all crappy Rider plays that knocked out much more worthy plays simply because of the Rider up-vote. Lets give them a taste of their own medecine. Gable is currently leading by a small margin. I voted Gable.

Good luck at trying to out vote the Skatch fans. :cowboy:

It's worth a try! :wink: Vote often. :lol:

Hey...we can do's only 53 to 47 % right now. vote often :wink: (you can just bet the Sask. fans are)

Now 51to 49. Keep voting!

Now 50 to 50. Vote often!

Keep voting!!!!! Gable now has a slim lead with 51% of the vote!

its back to 50 - 50 lets get Gable the lead back

LOL I've already voted at least 50 times!!!!! :lol: grrrrrrrrrr.....damn Rider Fans :x :x :twisted: guess I'll have to just go back and vote another 50 times!!!!! :slight_smile:

It's 50/50 right now let's get CJ the win.

Its still 50 - 50 but Gable is losing, if you go to the full bracket Simon is highlighted in red.
Also it wont let me vote anymore, is anyone else having this problem?

No problem here LOL I just plugged in another 15 votes!!!!! but it's still deadlocked at 50 50 grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!Damn Rider fans :x :roll:

Its letting me vote again so BUMP!

Looks like people is Saskatchewan woke up, finished their chores, whatever, but Geroy is now ahead 51% to 49%.

At least this time, the play isn't a simple pass to a wide open Dresser due to the defender running into an official, falling down to make the catch look more difficult, and the walking into the end zone. If we have to lose to a Riders play, at least this one is worthy of Bing in the top ten.

And the grapes were probably sour.

Yes, you CAN vote a few times...let's do it! :thup:

Well, my 50 kept it at 49-51. Farmers got to go milking soon, mebbe we can catch up

Several times. :wink:

I think I need one of these.