Vote for Banks

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Keep voting every 5 seconds ! let's get banks through :rockin:

u gotta change that avatar man

Yes, let's get to work. Every five seconds means you can register 20 votes a minute or 120 votes an hour. We only need a few committed posters here to win this thing in a walk. Get voting!

the Caretaker has spoken. Banks has gone from 48% a few minutes ago to 53%. but can we keep it up for another 15 hours?

were in the lead!! I'm on it as well :thup:

ok were at 60%. break time be back in a bit

Great Job everyone :thup: Banks is leading :rockin:

Not that it matters but wasn't Banks' return TD in OTT as good or better ?

7:00 A.M. Thursday morning update: "Speedy B" is sitting at 69.51% with 11,146 votes/SJ Green at 30.49% and 4,888 votes.
Much like the game on Sunday I think it's safe to say WE GOT THIS :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: GO CATS GO !!!! :cowboy: :smiley:
Geez Caretaker how many times did ya vote :lol: :wink: Nice job CAT NATION.....only 3 more sleeps til Sunday...can't wait I feel like a little kid waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas morning. :smiley:

Speedy B wins with 72 to 27%!

Looks like I'm too late lol. Congrats to SpeedyB

Well done, Speedy!

Next up, a razzle-dazzle play finishing with a determination catch by Denmark vs. a touchdown run by this year's eventual winner, Dressler*, assisted by a totally inept tackling job by the entire Redblacks team.

  • (unless, of course, Rider fans have all started their winter hibernation now that they've been knocked out of the playoffs)

i'm voting against the rider players so that Banks doesn't have to go up against either of them in the final, Clarence Denmark is leading but Dressler is slowly catching up