Vote Brandon Banks Nov. 25 TSN Play of the Year !!!!!!!!!!!!

Brandon Banks is up against John Chiles starting Nov. 25 VOTE Early VOTE EVERY 5 SECONDS :rockin:

Hey guys, get voting. Our guy is way behind. You can vote once every 5 seconds. Just stay on the page & keep clicking.

Come on Ticats fans!!! First saw this thread just before noon which is when voting for the previous play ended. Just went on to the TSN site and saw that Chiles had 72% of the vote!!! YIKES!!!!
I spent a few minutes voting for Banks and Chiles when I left the site, was down under 70% but still close to 2000 votes ahead.

Time to get voting for Speedy B Tigertown!!!!

Speedy B is so superior to any blew team member this should not even be close. Please vote now for our guy!

Come on folks we are losing ground. There are only a couple of us voting. vote every 5 seconds.

Just spent 10 mins and noted all 8 of the argggh fans are voting. We seem to be slowly loosing ground. Will go back on after I get supper started.

Let's Go :rockin: Argos are leading :thdn:

[url=] ... ndon-banks[/url]

Just put in about 15 votes.

Banks is up to 44% now.

I just spent about 45 mins voting with two computers, so that should amount to about 1,000 votes from me

I also spent about 45 min. noticed that every time Banks vote starts to gain, the other side starts to heat up as well. we need about 2400 votes to pull even. TIP- If you open multiple windows you can flip back and forth and vote more often. banks got it done for us on Sunday, let's get it done for him.

I’ve got this web page open in 5 tabs. I don’t even have to wait I just move on to the next webpage and vote… im a voting machine yee haw

We are down about 1900 now , everyone stopped now there smoking us again :x

losing ground fast.

I have 2 tabs going, its as fast as the old hands will go!!!

keep on truckin sir. we are gaining

Great idea using multiple tabs, we have Banks at 47% now, but every time I take a break he loses ground.

We need more support. If all 8 of the Arblow fans are voting using multiple tabs, then we need to find 9 of the many thousand Ticats fans to do the same

Starting up the voting machine now!

No worries I've been on it since about 5:00 were closing fast,almost there. When I first went on we were down by 19% 61-49.
Right now we are almost sitting at 50-50 :smiley: I'm up around 5 in the morning,so I will Hammer it hard,while the other guys are sleeping that are voting for the wrong guy. :smiley:

We just took the lead

we just lost the lead :x