VOTE: 2006 Quote of the Year

....From the amazing boneheaded things people said in 2006 the short list is compiled will vote now....

A - "They could have traded me to Saskatchewan. I'm not on a sorry team. And the taxes are better now." - Reggie Durden, after being traded to Edmonton

B - "Hopefully they don't trade me. They were talking about trading me to Saskatchewan, the armpit of the world, last year." - Milt Stegall

C - "They can go have some poutine together" - Blue Bomber GM Brendan Taman commenting on Richard Karikari's resigning with Montreal

D - "It's gotten so bad that the next team that loses to Hamilton will automatically be dropped into last place in the Power Rankings." – Sportsnet

E - "I miss him. I care for him. I love him a lot. I try to talk to him only once a week. There are days where I think about him. I want to call and then I tell myself, 'No, I just talked to him yesterday. Just don't bother him.'" – Danny Maccocia on his special feelings for Jason Maas

Note: Quote A has already won the Irony Award of the Year

I’d say Maciocca has to win this one. Just look at how he poured out his feelings for Jason Maas to the media! :lol:

...Quote E is so popular they are making a movie about it.....

[url=] ... 0Movie.mp3[/url]

Maybe Danny will trade Ricky Ray to Hamilton for Maas! :wink: :wink:

Lol that would be funny wouldn't it?

Steve Charbonneau was just released by the Esks and I've heard he might be heading to Hamilton. It's still part of the Maas trade!(*obviously joking)

Dancing Danny sounds like he misses Jason a little too much…could it be he really needs a dance partner and wants Maas to return or is it that he just needs someone he can really get close to …not that there’s anything wrong with that… :wink: :lol: quote ‘e’ should take er’ :lol:

Does anyone have a link to the actual quote for "E"? I would like to forward it and razz an Eskimo Fan who isn't the biggest Dancing Danny fan. He can't believe Danny is still with the organization this year.

...That is the exact quote dan, but if you search through the CFL Newsroom I'm sure you can find the article in which it is embedded.....FYI: first quote to garner 20 votes wins, looks like Danny M is going to win something for 2006....

i was the 20th vote! i was the 20th vote! YAY!!!!! :rockin: :smiley:

....anything that Miltie says!

...the winner by a landslide, Danny's manlove confession for his ex-QB.....Don Pardo, tell him what he's won....