Vor Wynne Stadium

Hey remember a couple of years ago when TSN did their season preview special and for the Hamilton segment the reporter was standing with Ivor Wynne Stadium in the background for the whole country to see that the "I" had fallen off the sign?

Well the "I" is gone again. It would be nice if that got replaced before the season starts. Or all those fans that might be coming to Ivor Wynne for the first time just so they can be there before it gets torn down might think they're at the wrong stadium.

It has been fixed.



THERE IS NO I IN "TEAM"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We could all learn a little something from ol' Vor.

[slow clap]

Post of the year? In March? Is it possible?

Excellent, now can someone please fix this topic subject? :lol:

Nope, they had an overabundance of "f"'s but blew the budget on them. Now they can't afford any more "I"'s. :wink:

Yes but there is an M and an E. :stuck_out_tongue:

(joins in slow applause) Welcome to the Wiserhood.:wink: