Any skilled workers (or not) who want to Volunteer to get Caretakers new Home Done?

Get er Done

Voted no!
I gotsta get paid. Str8 cash homie.

Started this poll to show all the Hamilton Haters on the other side of the Bay that, Hamiltonians aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and Get things done!!!

Attention Premier Kathleen!!!

Helloooo Hamilton is Part of Ontario!!!

what an assinine suggestion!

The situation is assinine

My wife thought of it, I think its a great idea to show what a great community Hamilton is!!

Hamilton must be it's all the people in the GTA that voted for the Liberals everyone else in Ontario other than the GTA and Northern Ontario voted PC like me, because I actually work for my money and pay taxes unlike Liberals who take everything and complain a lot, the maker's and taker's, the Liberals are definitely Takers and have taken the Tax Payers of Ontario for Billions of Dollars with more to come, so all the Liberals and NDP in Hamilton can volunteer all they want it's about time they stepped up to the plate!!