Why was the PA volume CRANKED last night? What objective does this meet? Who's idea is it? To talk to the person next to you required shouting and forget about interacting with anyone further than that.

Oh, and who picks the music? Late in the game when all seemed lost Peter Gabriel's "In your eyes" comes blaring across. Just wondering...

Bit of a head-scratcher ... why would they be blaring music during the final drive of the game at the very moment the home-team QB is trying to shout plays to his teammates in a no-huddle offence?

Yeah, I noticed this...Williams was straining to yell to the receivers over the music...dumb, dumb, dumb.

Again, this is something that management actually can control (unlike the football team) but just don't seem to listen or care. It's annoying enough that the team isn't playing to it's potential but to be yelling to no one in particular to turn the ***** music off is more so.

Obviously the people who control the music don't know anything about football. How can you justify blaring music over the PA when our team is trying to drive for the winning score?!

It was ear splitting in section 6.

Ya I Hate when the PA is Too Loud, Cuz when you are sitting in the cheap seats it hurts your ears. Please Keep the volume to a soothing level please.

i noticed this as well. i couldnt hear what the people beside me were trying to say to me.

The volume is obviously to keep Charlie Taafe from falling asleep on the sidelines.

this is the bob young version of the in game experience..............this has been discussed before along with the displeasure of the announcer we have. As usual nothing has been done to fix these issues. Sorry Bob but the ah shucks thing is getting old.

This is the type of non-football noise that has eroded the "game day" experience for many. Some continue to go and sit through it, as for me, I just can't do it anymore. Sorry...hats off to everyone that tolerates the noise. Management believes in producing a major spectacle but I am old school and prefer the PA announcer to keep to the basics.

i think if we were winning consistently alot less people would care about the PA volume.

It was cranked up to drown out the sobbing of the fans. :slight_smile:

An Argo-Cat fan

8) now now, watch yourself there barney !!! :wink: