Volume in North Stands

Does anyone else think that the extreme volume of the sound system, especially in the north stands effect the atmosphere in a negative way.
At last year's Labour Day game, the music was going in between plays, and I couldn't here the booing or rowdiness of the crowd.
I realize we need music, and sound effects, but it takes away from the real experience of Ivor Wynn.
During Argo introductions, you couldn't her the booing or put downs at all!
Know when to shut it off and let the crowd take over please.

Agreed. The sound system in the last 3 years has washed out the crowd other than the extremely loud 2004 Labour Day overtime where I couldn't hear myself think and that was a good thing. Too bad Micheal Bishop tied that game up... how deflating.

The only thing I wish they would stop is that canned "defense" cheer... although I hear near the top on both sides of the stadium the speakers are becoming painful.

Yes, I agree. It is loud, which is part of the reason why I am one of those nerds who wears headphone and listens to the game on the radio while at the stadium. It does drown out the noise from the North stands speakers.

For the double-header last year I sat in the South stands for the Mac game and it was really loud too.


What's that you say....
Louder please....
Ah, never mind.*

*and I sit in the SOUTH stands!

Absolutley! I sit with my mom and some other really keen fans, and some of the best parts are talking with other fans about the game etc. The fabricated raw-raw on the speakers is distracting at best.

I totally agree, through out the season I jump from section to section I am not a season ticket holder (someday I'd like to be)

I find that although the plan is to get the crowd pumped with recorded cheers it seems to lack because even if the crowd begins to follow the speakers drown them out.

I come for the atmosphere, I want a half tanked up fan to start a chant..not listen to a recorded one.

The music is aggravating, many times I have had to leave early because it has been blasted so frequently and so loud that my father gets dizzying headaches and we have to leave. The roar of the crowd is amazing, but the sound of an overplayed hip-hop song is annoying it cheapens the experience.

as Garney said one of the best parts is fan interaction, and that is taken away when we can barely hear the person sitting next to us because after every play a loud sometimes annoying song is played.

And ontop of that the songs are queued all wrong they are played at the wrong times, they end too late (after a play begins) they are an annoyance.

I understand why it is done, to give something to those who show up for the experience and not the football..but it is your true black and gold football fans that are your bread and butter. I am all for adding a little flavour to the game with some music that will ramp up the fans..but do it in moderation and do it properly..please

i like the sound how it is, but the DEFENCE cheer is awful even if the crows were to cheer along with it nobody would hear us over that

I could not have said it better hope the t-cats listen. With the music if a little is good a lot is not always better.

If the team plays hard ass football we will make the dam fan noise

I third that.

I think Worse at Top of the Stands..

I am Near Bottom and Sometimes can't Hear the PA

People here have been complaining about the soul-numbing volume of the PA/music system for years at IWS and nothing gets done about it.

I recall when players hated coming to IWS because of the hostility of the fan energy on top of them because of the confines of the stadium. Now fans are being drowned out by the sheer noise factor of the PA.

It causes fans to be PASSIVE. It takes away from their engagement with the game because they are less inclined to feel their cheers are resonating with those around them. It's collective dynamics.

Give me a 28,000-strong roar of "DEFENCE!" from a non-PA-prompted Ticat crowd or a Chicago Stadium din over the "MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!" Decibelsh#t any day.

The organization can do a lot to bring back the home-field advantage of IWS by simply toning it down and allowing fan cheers and spontaneous noise to build up.

This isn't rocket science.

Oski Wee Wee,

I agree 100% . It is out of control. I remember the same thread during the season last year. Nothing gets done. Helllloo anybody from Ticat management read these. Still haven't bought my tickets for the coming season and this is one of the reasons

I'm near the bottom of the stands on the north side and the speakers are plenty loud. My dad has a tough time hearing me and he's only 2 seats away.

This is my biggest complaint about the gameday experience. You don't need songs between every play!

I remember when the Argos would come to town and you'd swear Mike O'Shea's name was called on every tackle just so the fans could boo as loud as humanly possible. That energy that the fans generate creates a great atmosphere for the game.

The song selection seems to be aimed at every demographic possible as a way of making everyone happy, but really, it's just annoying. You're bending over backwards trying to please everyone all of the time but in reality it's a nuisance to all.

...my only other complaint is when the PA announcer starts a "go cats go" chant when the offence is on the field. Quickly the offensive guys start waving their hands at the fans to be quiet. Hello Mr. PA guy, start cheers when the defence is out there so the other team can't hear themselves think.

Agreed. The product is the game, not the twenty second sound bites.

Give the fans the chance to be that " EXTRA PLAYER " that should come with home games. :twisted:

And the problem with too much sound is that it makes people want to be more quiet I think, the opposite effect to what they think it would do. Agreed, give the people a chance to be heard, as they say.

overwhelming support by some of this teams most devoted fans and most active posters in the forum. I really hope they take it to heart, if you complain about something long enough (constructively,like we are now) its only a matter of time before they listen up and make some changes.

I too would like to endorse the consensus expressed here. My family has seats in Section 7 and can't hear one another speak between plays. We brought our own noisemakers for the Labour Day game and they were useless. Management, please: save the music and Tiger-vision ads for the TV time outs, and let the flow of the game dictate the ambient noise.