Voice you opinion - Who should the Renegades hire as HC?

Renegade fans… Let’s leave this one open to fans of some other teams for this one…

if that guy from Hamilton (forgot his name :oops: ) is fired, I'd look into signing him. or some famous Rough Rider player that can do the job.

Dany McManus.

Sorry, I'm a Gades fan and I must reply with a serious answer: HireKent Austin as HC.

If John Jenkins becomes our coach, Josh Ranek will be expendable as Jenkins is known for his idiotic sandlot type "Run and Shoot" offence.
Great, that's all we need; total rebuilding and adopting another gimmick-type plan of attack. :roll:

Danny Machocia might be available if Calgary beats Edmonton in the first round of playoffs.

lol Sportsmen..

Supersmith, though I admit my answer wasn't totally serious, I do believe Dany McManus would make an awesome coach in this league. He's got top knowledge of the game, he's cold-headed, he's been with championship teams as well as with crappy bunches, he totally knows how to break down plays, he's respected, he's top class (kinda Pinball classy), etc.

I hope he will become a coach or a coordinator soon, because he's losing some of his hard-earned credibility by staying in the game while his body doesn't seem to be able to follow.

And as I said in another post recently, I also think Glen Constantin (Laval University' coach) would make a good CFL coach.

What's some bad about the "Run and Shoot"???

The run and shoot doesn't typically work cause with little threat of a running game, teams key on the pass, and unless it's all bombs, it's hard to drive on a defence only passing.

Third, do you think that Constantin would leave Laval to coach in the CFL? I read that the budget for Laval's football team is somewhere near to a million dollars, which is apparently about double the average budget in the CIS. That probably equates to a big advantage over other teams in their ability to recruit players etc. Do you think he'd be willing to give up coaching one of the premier teams in the CIS for taking over most likely one of the poorer teams in the CFL? I don't know if I would in his position. Plus, job security is probably a bit lower in the pro's.

But I guess your point is you thought he'd make a good coach, not that he necessarily will try it out. So I've rambled on pointlessly. :slight_smile:

Ask the Stampeders or Matt Dunigan they would tell you.

HC and GM........Ron Lancaster.

Gluton for punishment or you really want to see th Gades stay in a no playoff position.

And as an Argo fan, I must reply with a serious answer: you're welcome to Kent Austin, in fact, I insist.

I think Bellefool would make an excellent HC can someone take him ....PLEASE!!

why just Bellefool.............how about Danny Barret and Roy Shrivers too as GM............. I would take Joe and maybe Danny Mac as OC.......

Ok. So you sort of stole one of my poll questions !! Anyway, I'd like to suggest that today the Renegades have one of the bst quarterbacks in the leauge and one of the best running backs in the league. the big question is why would either of them choose to stay under the run and sh*t system that has never worked for any team under any league. ??? Why would other good players like Armstead, Howell or Murphy. The fact is that June Jones is a dud.

The Renegades problem has not necessarily been with their schemes or their players but with coaching. This could well be the worst coached team in the league. With all due respect to Pao Pao, who I believe is a very nice man, the job of a coach is not to teach the players how to play. You would reallly hope at this level they already know all that.

Someone once told me (a chap called George Brancato) that the main job of a coach is to prepare the players to win. In this realm, I think coach P. has failed the Renegads terribly, regardless of how much some might like him. He has to go for the good of the franchise.That said, I can't think of a fiercer competior and better motivator than Greg Marshall, the present defensive coordinator (not the Hamilton guy). People who have been around this league for a while will know Greg's cool, analytical and motivational capabilities. So do those of us who played under him for the winning Ottawa Sooners. My vote goes to Marshall.

June Jones will be a disaster in the waiting.

How about Moe, Larry and Curly! Dam I hope Lonnie did not see this post!

Loonie might be crazy enough to hire that goofy GM that was in Calgary under Federik....What was his name, began with an F, Bragged about $100.00 underwear.

Fetari ha ha ha ha he has nice suits! He can bench press 450 lbs with out a crane!

"Notable about the [Pirates] move to Virginia was "the Great Tucker Caper" when the City of Shreveport tried to seize Bernard Glieberman's 1948 Tucker for defaulting on debts related to the Pirates' lease at Independence Stadium. Glieberman's lawyer, Mark Gilliam, tried to escape with the car and hide the vintage auto, but he ran out of gas along the way. The police spotted him, and took the car back to the museum where it was being stored until the case could be settled."


I think Austin should be the renegades next coach.
Please give him a chance.PLEASE!!!!!!