Visitors Locker room

hey all Ive recently had the pleasure and priviledge to play a football game at Ivor Wyne and i must say that the visitors locker room is every bit as bad as described by opposing players in the media (Doug Brown from the peg and Bruce from Toronto). We had a team of about 37 high school players in there and we barely had room to move. 3 showers, one working faucet and a stench of urine everywhere. We have a bigger high school locker room. I assume the home locker room is much better, (hopefully). Just thought id shed some light on this subject. Go cats Go.

And the problem is?

It's the VISITORS dressing room.

They're lucky they even HAVE a shower.

The visitors locker room is what the visitors make it, no one from the home team runs in after a game and urinates on the walls or floor.
They treat it like crap so I for one could care less if they (opposition)like it or not.

I’ve been in a couple locker rooms at other CFL stadiums and from what I’ve seen the home team always has a bigger and better one.

Maybe they figure that the visiting teams don't really need a shower after the game! :twisted:

Those damn Agros! :stuck_out_tongue:

I find the visitors locker room very appropriate for our sworn enemies around the CFL.....cold, dank and lacking in character... :twisted:

....for the faint of heart, that is not urine but rather, disinfectant. The smell can easily be confused with the smell people are used to in public washrooms.......but it's disinfectant 100%

The visitors locker rooms are very sanitary as a matter if fact....they just smell bad due to the "pine-sol" like stuff they use...

And I really hope this isn't a move to get Karyn Imrie to put flowers in there.....don't you dare Karyn!.........make the visitors suffer!! :twisted:

In the old Garden , the Bruins would turn the heat up in between periods in the visitors dressing room which was already 2 sizes too small.

I think that the kind of thinking that exists on this thread is wrong. Both locker rooms should be the same, not just at Ivor Wynne, but in any sports venue.

Opposing teams are not guests ... they are the ENEMY!

Which means that you expect every other team in the CFL should treat the Cats as 2nd class citizens when they visit their cities? C'mon, every team should provide good facilities to visiting teams. It's part of operating a 1st class, professional business.

An Argo fan

Come on! Where are the flowers Bob?