Visitor Needs Help GC101

Greetings to all of my fellow CFL fans,

Grey Cup week is almost here, and my wife and I will be attending GC101.

This will be our first visit to Regina and we need a little insight in advance if possible...

There are the obvious must sees and dos, like the team parties. We're also going to see Sheepdogs on Sunday, pre-game!

Are there any must try local restaurants? Pubs? Bars? Special breakfast places, stuff like that?

Could really use some advice.

Thanks very much, see you next week!

Are you in town for the week or just a few days? What are your interests? I wouldnt really say there are alot of "tourist attractions" in Regina. Mostly just the people who make the city a good place to live. Casino Regina will probably be putting on some shows throughout the week. They are usually alright. If your in town for a few days and have time for a road trip/have a date day with the wife, and dont want to spend all the time at the Grey Cup festivities, go to the Mineral Spa in Moose Jaw (about 45 minutes away). You can also do the Moose Jaw tunnels. In Regina there is Wascana Lake which is nice for walking around (takes about half hour to do the lake) and goes right by the Legislative Building. There are also some other things more geared for family which would include an IMAX movie and the Science Center. For shopping malls, the best one would probably be Cornwall. For Pubs, my favourite is OHanlons. There is a newer sports bar on Victoria East called Berminghams which is always busy and makes excellent food. I wouldnt go to any on Dewdney but thats just personal preference. Some of the more classy restaurants would be things like the Rooftop (Victoria and Broad), the Saskatchewan Hotel. There are a few others as well. More common chain restaurants are Moxies, Boston Pizza, Houston Pizza, Rock Creek, The Keg, and some others.

Regina is the home of the RCMP, so you can visit the training depot and museum. Some art galleries, one that has a football theme I believe (MacKenzie?). Sports Hall of Fame is on south side of Victoria Park where a lot of the agave activities are located. Wikihood app is good when traveling as it lists tourist attraction and how far away you are from them.

We are in town from Thursday to Monday, staying on Prince of Wales (Holiday Inn). Thanks for the suggestions!