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My name is Lee, I am a big Roughrider fan and my wife and I are traveling to Vancouver in July. It just so happens we are playing BC while we are there, so we have decided to try and get tickets to the game and show are Green Rider Pride!!! My question is pointed at anyone who has attended a game as the visiting team, especially if it was in BC. I would like to know where would be the best place to sit as a visitor? Is there any kind of unwritten rule as where you should sit as a visitor or anything? Just curious and would appreciate any help and or incites.

Thanks in advance,

dont sit in 24

I would suggest going up high. We were there a couple years ago and anything in the top 1/3 or so of the stadium, regardless of yrd line, was pretty Green. Don't think you would feel out of place in your Rider gear. Most of the lower seats are season ticket holders, so may want to stay away from there.

lol It shouldn't matter as it will probably be mostly rider fans there anyways. :wink: Heck they had to have a guaranteed win day against the Riders just to get Lion supporters out and we all know how well that turned out for them. :smiley:

honestly...get the best seating you can and roll with it. Most fans are pretty good, and in all honesty, if people get carried away around most season ticket holders someone steps up because troubles equals potential seat loss. Most people will do some fun ribbing, of course there is always the risk of encountering a JA, which is unfortunate. If you want to play it safe...the West side (lower numbered side with upper deck) between the 30s is probably best for visitors. 40/41/42

Thanks for all the input. I'll take it all into consideration.

Just an update for you guys, I got my tickets today on the presale. I ended up with Section 244 Row E, Redone. Hopefully good seats.

I don’t see it on the chart.

About the 15 yd line right side…looks pretty decent.

[url=] ... lions-472/[/url]

Was gonna say the 44 in 244 is about the 20 yard line, the 2 means lower bowl and row E means 5th row from the field.

There will be a fair amount of green there. Always is. I see that they have not bulldozed our tailgate lot yet so I expect to be tailgating at Quebec and Terminal, 10 min walk from the stadium. By all means join us. All colors always welcome.

There will be a fair amount of green there. Always is. I see that they have not bulldozed our tailgate lot yet so I expect to be tailgating at Quebec and Terminal, 10 min walk from the stadium. By all means join us. All colors always welcome.
WE might actually take you up on the invite. This will be my first CFL game, so want the whole experience and some tailgating would be cool. About what time does the tailgating get started? What should I bring?


Let’s see, that’s a Friday, 7pm kickoff. Some people are there early in the afternoon but hard to tell when because never sure who has to work Friday, but I’m sure that if you’re there around 4 to 5pm it will be in full swing. It’s a nasty area for traffic mind you, especially at that hour.

Me personally I’m not sure when I’ll get there because it’s Sask (I go to all the games) but when it’s Sask my Dad comes as well and we usually spend the afternoon together and end up at the tailgate at some point. But my Dad MIGHT be out of town for this one. I am also not working Fridays at this time (but this might change) so I could be early. :smiley: I hang mostly with SheLion and Brian. If Brian doesn’t have to work he will be there early. He has a large BC Lions flag on a tall pole affixed to his van.

Again, depending on work schedules, someone MIGHT bring their dish and a generator so that we might watch the Alouettes/Bombers game on a screen in the parking lot. :wink:

What to bring? There will be lots of barbecues and food going around. If you make a friend or two you will get fed. If you bring booze just make sure that it is unmarked, and also make sure that you clean up all your garbage.

OK, It will be myself, my wife, my daughter who lives in Burnaby and my step-brother and a friend who also live in Vancouver. We are planning on taking the sky train most likely. Not sure how soon we will arrive but you won't miss our Rider green. Looking forward to it. So hope we can try and meet up when we are there.


Main Street station is right across the street from our tailgate. I’ll be wearing my green jersey, #46.

Ok, great. Not sure what we all will be wearing yet. I’m trying to come up with a big decked out idea, since it’s
my first game.

ok Depop,......what happened to you in 24 lol?

I got my stadiums crossed…for some weird reason i read this as someone from BC traveling to Regina for the first time for a game…must have been half asleep…24 in Regina speaks for itself…24 is a rowdy and really fun section, which is what I was speaking to (thinking they were Lions fans lol). that said…one time we sat there my wife was getting hit on/whistles/etc a lot…which is normal…she gets it lots everywhere…she is good looking with a healthy ummmmmmm yeah…doesn’t bother me, doesn’t bother her…but someone actually got grabby (I know…brutal)…which didn’t end well for them. I was getting tossed out but was recognized and was returned to my seat…the other guy was punted. By no means does this reflect on the people that sit in 24…as a whole…awesome bunch

ahh…ya, I would’ve lost my shizzle on that guy too. Maybe have given him an escort over the railing, lol. As a rider fan in E-town, pretty much can’t go unless you’re with a few other fans. Took my son when he was 8 and the asshole behind us was leaning forward and blowing his horn into his ear. His wife saw the look on my face and they left. Do it to me, fine haha…but to a kid? losers!

So the seats I chose were awesome and I really didn't have to worry at all. There were Rider fans everywhere at the game, so felt real comfortable. Too bad we lost the game. It was a nail biter and a real good game. Really enjoyed the stadium, makes me look forward to the new Mosaic when it's done. Prairiedog72, sorry didn't make it to the tail gating. Couldn't convince my wife and daughter to go. Maybe next time I'll just go by myself.

Not sure why the pics came out so big, i used small versions from my phone.

In the group photo, notice the Lion's fan photobombing us. :slight_smile: