Visiting Team ? at the Grey Cup

Drew Edwards has tweeted that the Cats will be the visiting team at the Grey Cup in Vancouver, and will have to wear white, while they're undefeated this year in all black and also in their Signatures. I expected to most likely see the former, but perhaps the latter, when they take the field at BC Place this Sunday. White was out of the question, in my mind.

How does that work? I always thought it alternated year-to-year -- East is "home" team one year, West is the "home" team the next. The Cats wore white in Regina last year, so the alternating rule can't be it. So then, is it that the "home" team is the team representing the division in which the host city's team plays? If that's what it is, when did the rules change? The last time the Cats played in back-to-back Grey Cups, both vs. Calgary ('98 & '99), they wore while in Winnipeg (an Eastern Division city then) and Black in Vancouver the following year.

Something's not right!

Please wear gold pants.

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It doesn't alternate. It's determined by the division of the host city.

Fixed it for you... lol

That would appear to be the rule for this year and the past 7 years in a row. However, it was the opposite for the preceding 4 years ('03 - '06). Prior to that, it was what you say is the rule for 4 years ("00 - '03), but in '98 and '99 it was again the opposite.
It's certainly not important to know how it works, and how it's changed through the years, but it intrigues me. I like things that make sense are are consistent.

Interesting. I didn't realize the process had changed. I too like consistency or at least an explainable methodology to any changes.

You are just being superstitious, It is silly, Don't you know


It would be nice to see the team with the better record as the home team for the Grey Cup. In this case that would be Calgary.

Good idea. :thup:

Pretty Please.

Not good for us this year but more than fair reasoning....good-luck fans on Sunday