Visiting Regina

Mrs. MadJack and I decided when we got married (1 July 2006) that every year around our anniversary, we would visit a different CFL city to take in a game. Last year we were in Calgary.

This year we'll be coming to Regina to take in the home opener of the Riders against Edmonton on 28 June.

Hope to meet many of you there!

Any tips on good hotels, restaurants, other Regina must-see attractions would be appreciated.

Thats sweet. You will have a kickass time. Nothing like a CFL game at Taylor Field!

That's a pretty fantastic idea, to visit a different CFL city every year.

Since I live here I can't say I've stayed at any of our hotels, but I would recommend something downtown to make it easy to walk to the game if you don't mind walking a few blocks.

Things to do:
Sunday Brunch at the Hotel Sask
Mackenzie Art Gallery or RCMP Museum
Globe Theatre
Practice Field Pre-game Party
The Pump Post-game Party

What a cool idea.

Lots to do in Regina. If you are a history buff, you can check out the RCMP museum, the museum of natural history, or Government House; all I think are free. A tour of the Legislative building is fun. I am told it is the most beautiful provincial capital building in the entire British Commonwealth.

The McKenzie art gallery is popular, but there are better ones in nearly every other city in Canada in my opinion.

Regina has a lot of great restaurants. My favorite is the India House, if you like curry.

But my favorite thing here, if you are fortunate enough to see a full moon, is to see it rise in Saskatchewan. Nothing beats our sunsets either.

As far as hotels go, the old Hotel Saskatchewan (it has a new name now which I forget- is it the Radisson?) has perhaps the most character. It is also where the Royal Family catch their "Z's" when they visit here.

Also Wascana park is the largest inner city park in North America and is a must if you are into Canada geese.

Enjoy your visit and please let us know when you are in town because I am certain that someone here would be more than willing to show you around. I would be honoured to do that.

True. Its a bit farther away, but our top hotel, which I know pretty much nothing about is the Hotel Saskatchewan. But other downtown hotels include the Ramada, the Delta, the Regina Inn, the Wingate Inn (right across from our sweet casino), Quality Hotel, and I believe we have a Holiday Inn Express.

Those were downtown. Otherwise, we have a couple Travelodges (one south, one East), a West Harvest Inn (south), Best Western 7 Oaks (Maybe the closest hotel to the Field), uhhhh Days Inn in East Regina, a Super 8 (East), Sanman Hotel (East...), and finally the Comfort Inn (once again located in East Regina..... lol).

Can anybody think of any others? I cant.

That's a really neat idea. Now, is your wife a fan of the CFL, or is she just going for the vacation? :lol:

Hope you guys have fun!

Doesnt it cost money to go to the RCMP musuem now? Like since they renovated or rebuilt it or w.e they did?

And who honestly likes Canadian geese? All they do is crap everywhere. :lol:

Don't diss the geese.

Even if they do, I'd still check it out. While visiting in Canmore, Alberta, my sister and I checked out the original NWMP barracks. It was pretty cool. I bought a red NWMP polo shirt.

I am not sure about the RCMP museum being free. I don't go there. It is not that I hate cops, I just feel better when they aren't around.

If you are into small town pubs located in a city, Good Time Charlies' at the Plains Hotel is an interesting place to bend a few. Sometimes they have live bands. It has croners, old hippies, artsy types and salt of the earth working class people. The karaoke night (which I hate) is perhaps the most famous one in all of Canada. Also "The Office" restaurant in the same hotel is a place where I find a good steak for a cheap price. It is cheaper than a fancy restaurant but better than a Banaza.

nothing like a Rider game at Talor Field! Its the most amazing experience in the world!

Go Riders!

Tell me one benefit of the geese.

Ohh its definately worth seeing. Its a sweet place.

If you have a vehicle, go down to where they film Corner Gas. 30 minute drive outside the city.

That'd be another cool stop to make. Man, I should plan a trip out there some time...

Thanks for all the tips gang!

And Chief.........yes, Mrs MadJack IS a CFL fan.

We'll be Rider fans for the day (as we were Calgary fans for the day last year). Where can we purchase good Rider paraphernalia, particularly a team jersey for her?

Rider store. Just dont go on gameday lol, unless you want to wait in line for a while. Or MAYBE Jersey City. I would rather support the Riders directly though, so I would suggest the Rider store.

Do that if you want, but for anyone that has actually ever been to Rouleau--and I have--there are likely more productive uses of your time.

Regina has lots of good restaurants, and I would definately stay at a downtown hotel so you can stumble to and from the game without taking a cab.
It is still the Hotel Saskatchewan/Raddison, if you want to stay in the "Queens Suite".
That'll up your cost significantly...

I might recommend Nick's Cafe as a decent place for breakfast.
Lang's if you like Chinese.
And if you like Pizza, then you should enjoy Regina...
Lots of quality pizza parlours around.
I recommend any Western Pizza, Julianna's or the Chimmey as a few of my favourites.
But Saskatchewan is the only place in Canada you can get a decent pizza, so enjoy...

If you like beer, and somehow I think you might, we also have several decent brew pubs.
Bushwakkers before or after the game might be the answer.
Closest to Taylor Field, and likely the best beer....

Someone recommended the Plains?
I go there on occasion myself, but be forwarned--it is not "quaint", it is, how can I say this politely...scuzzy, but sometimes fun...? ---just don't want you to be unprepared.
You might be better off at McNally's or O'Hanlons.
Depends what you like....
The reality is, Regina isn't very big.
If you want to, you can likely hit ALL the nightclubs once, and see which one suits you....
Half of them are on Dewdney...conveniantly an easy walk from Taylor Field.

Oh, and remember, it is Taylor Field.
Still can't find that Mosaic thingy....