Visiting Molson Stadium


A buddy of mine and I are fulfilling a long time dream and going to Montreal for a sports trip this weekend (Habs/Sens on Saturday and then the Al's Blue Bombers on Sunday).
I've got a couple of questions that this group would be able to easily answer that I would like answered:

Where is will call @ Molson Stadium? We will be picking up our tickets there. I assume it's @ the main (east) entrance but don't want to be running around aimlessly looking.

How good is the STM Shuttle up to the Stadium? We might be the worse for wear after Saturday so we might take it easy Sunday morning. We're downtown, so getting to the Metro station is easy enough.

My buddy is CFL neutral (just loves football, but doesn't really support one team), but I'm from Saskatchewan. How much of an issue would it be wearing a green jersey to Molson? Don't get me wrong, I'm cheering for the Als on Sunday against the Bombers...cause if there is one thing Als fans and Riders fans can agree on, it's hating Winnipeg, but I do want to 'show the colours'. Would wearing an Als cap with my jersey help? :smiley:

Thanks for any help in advance.

The ticket office it at the east entrance

The shuttle is great. I always hop on at University and President Kennedy (McGill subway station) There is one every 3-4 minutes actually 2-3 every 3-4 minutes. I never take it after the game though...I walk back...The people are scattered before the game but 25,000 people lining up to go back....well you get the idea

Don't worry about it. You might get a little ribbing but it wont be a problem. Mind you its impossible to say that you absolutely wont run into a drunk who gives you a hard time, but I would not give it a second thought...wear it

Do not be afraid to show off your team colours. Respect is universal for all fans of this great League! I always wear my Als jersey at the Toronto games, no matter who the Argos are playing against.