*Visiting HAMILTON and attending Tiger Cat vs Rider game*

Good news Tiger Cat fans, you got guarenteed fans going to the game Saturday.

Yes, my CFL trip to Hamilton will be Satuday after making my final arrangements today.

I will be leaving Vancouver on Wednesday and will be arriving in your great city at 11:40pm WESTJET.

I will be in Toronto for a few days meeting with some friends, and have a meeting planned with a few CFL officials.

I will be back in Hamilton in time for the game, and would love to meet with some of the Hamilton fans. If there a hot spot to attend before the game? Do you guys tailgate?

If so drop my a message where all the action is, and we will drop in to say hi!

Hopefully my DNS, and GNP will remain active during my stay in Edmonton and keep my connection going untill I return home. I will be also visiting Mississauga Argos faciliity so if I can't get where you fans will be, maybe the Argos will have forum access.

But I should be ok, as I did this during my stay in Regina, and Winnipeg last month. And have access at my hotel.

I look forward to meet with the great Tiger Cat fans, and look forward to a great rematch game.

Talk to you soon!

There's a HUGE tailgate on the Skyway bridge. Just stand in the middle and people will find you.

Exactly what he said. Not a better spot to run into diehard TiCat fans!

Yeah, I'm surprised your sources haven't told you about this already.

Can you really spare time from running the rest of the country just to give Hamilton the benefit of your presence?
Boy, the sacrifices some people are willing to make!!


Thanks Miller...I just spit milk all over the desk.

McMahon, I think they want you to stand between the dotted white lines---but that's just a guess.

An Argo fan

Stay Home Dont Waste Your Time.

I'll be going to the game too. But first I'm going to have dinner with The Queen and then I'll be in meetings with Prime Minister Harper. Hope there's time to tailgate.


I'd be thrilled to meet such a knowledgeable football fan as yourself. McM. I've thoroughly enjoyed your posts and would love the chance to chat with you :wink:

What seats will you have? Will you tell us something special that you'll be wearing so we can recognize you and drop by? I'm sure that many of the people on this site would love the opportunity to view you in person. I have a big beard myself.

Don't be silly he'll be in Bob Young's box! :smiley:

Bring lots of booze. I'm sure this one will be a ringa-ding-dong-dandy of a game.

hey mcmahon
lot j by scott park high good tailgating starts early afternoon usually.lotta fun.
hopefully you'll be bringing along the wife, son shane and beautiful daughter stephanie too.
cats make stink lately,but the off field event is fun for all

Hey McMahon, take a stroll by section 25 at Ivor Wynne Stadium on Saturday, and get a picture taken with the www.argos-$uck.com crew. There's a free forbidden button in it for ya, and (if you're so inclined) a variety of free beverages too.

You got that right.

Now, now, now BHG. There is no room for sarcasm on this site. Please remember this for any and all future postings. Thank you.

Who was being sarcasm? :smiley: Everyone knows I'm not sarcasm in the least. In fact I don't even know what this so called sarcasm is. Anyone have a link to an online dictionary? :wink:

I'm a little ticked that some of the responders here have been less than welcoming. Classy. Criticize or ignore the "breaking news" stories all you want, but this time McMahon was being nothing but nice. Personally I don't care for the rumour-mongering either, but some of these responses are out of line.

Cheers to you who have extended an honest invite.

Enjoy the game McMahon. :slight_smile: