Visiting Fans

Hello Eskimos :rockin: fans , me and a friend are attending a game at Commonwealth Stadium coming in from Hamilton July 28th to see the game in Calgary on July 29th then gonna make our way up to Edmonton for the Aug 4th Friday Night Football , where is a good sports bar preferably one that supports the CFL and how about tailgate , lived in Edmonton back in the 80,s for few years ( west end ) so i know a bit how to get around but would like to find a pub/bar close to the stadium if possible, thanks :rockin:

Welcome to the forum. My goal next summer is to take a trip up there from here in the US to see a game. And so it’s a ways off, but that’s my goal given my new job with a solid company and good situation now finally.

And so I would be interested in any such gathering next year and would wish you and your friend a great week in Alberta this summer indeed. :thup: