Visiting Fans at Canad Inns Stadium

Greetings Bomber fans!

I am going to be in Winnipeg for business next week and I was hoping to catch the game on Friday against the Ticats. Being as I am from the Hamilton area, naturally I am a Ticat fan.

I just have a question, is there a certain area visiting fans seem to sit? (like behind the visiting bench as they do at Ivor Wynne) If not, could someone please tell me what side of the field the visiting bench is located on? I would like the Ticats to be able to hear my constructive criticism as clearly as possible! :wink:

Thank you in advance,

  • paul

ps. I love the "Trade Milt Stegall thread"

Hello friend. It's usually best to sit on the West side. Or at least I prefer it, way easier to see game!

Thanks! Do you know if the team benches are on the west side as well? And if so, what area of the sidelines do the visitors get? (North or South?)

  • paul

Bombers bench is on the west side

when I had season tickets last season on the south end of the west side (section A) there were lots of visiting fans there.

When I catch a game in the Peg, East side close to the field is what I prefer. Great atmosphere with alot of comedy towards the visiting team…bring a set of shades plus a hat and enjoy the night…GO Bombers GO

dont sit on the west side WEST SIDE SUCKS the only people who sit there are scared of the sun, and there alot of old people sit on the west side