Visiting Calgary

Greetings Stampeder fans. Mrs. MadJack and myself are trying to arrange a trip to Calgary. We have decided to visit one different CFL city to watch a game each year, and this year we are planning to visit Calgary........we hope to take in the June 30 game against Hamilton.

Any suggestions on where to stay, good places to eat, etc etc would be greatly appreciated.

Well, we do have what's called "Motel Village" right across from McMahon ... there's a Travelodge, a Super 8, a Holiday Inn I think .... those sorts of places, and they look pretty good. It's a good area of town, anyway.

As for places to eat, of course it depends on what you're looking for and how much you're looking to spend ... the first place that comes to mind is Nick's, which is also right across from the stadium (I'd say a 5-10 minute walk from any of those hotels, too). It's a steakhouse/Italian sort of place ... reasonable prices, and I like it.

…good advice Kev, can’t really add much to that for you MJ…

…not sure what your budget is for your trip, if you are going high end then all the top hotels are downtown (Hyatt, Sheraton Eau Claire, Fairmont Palliser, etc.) and you could C-Train to the game that night…the game that night is at 8:00pm, finishing around 11:00pm…fighting the crowds to get the C-Train back downtown could be tough (don’t really know, I drive to the games)…

…if you are on a more modest budget there are decent enough accommodations to be had at “Motel Village”, the common name given to the block of land across Crowchild Trail from McMahon Stadium…as well as the hotels Kev named there are probably another half dozen or so on that block, as well as a few restaurants and other commercial type stores…if you mapquest 1600 Crowchild Trail NW you will see a triangular piece of land bounded on the west by Crowchild Trail, on the east by Banff Trail Road and on the south by 16th Avenue…use a hotel webservice like Expedia or that Gnome one to see the hotels located in this area…you are literally a 5 minute walk from the stadium and two minutes from the Banff Trail C-Train station, in case you and the missus want to travel downtown to sightsee…it’s about a 15 minute train ride from this area to downtown…the surrounding neighbourhoods are all residential communities and like Kev said are all pretty safe for an evening stroll or a morning run…

Nick's was a great place to eat (Three years ago anyways) right across from the Stadium, good atmosphere. Mrs Sportsmen and I stayed with friends, but we went to Nick's as a "Pre-game " Meal.

Yes with enough warning we can provide protestors right sporty! :lol:

Thanks guys! We've decided to go high-end, and we'll stay downtown, train or taxi to the game. After the game, is there a place we should go if the Mrs wants to try to score some autographs?

....the players will exit the fieldhouse at the south end of the stadium....not sure how long it takes for them to begin emerging and if security allows you to hang around very close....I mean, their cars are all parked right where everyone walks so it can't be too hard to approach someone, but it might be a little while after the game before someone famous pops out....the Ticats will more than likely have a team bus that will take the players back to the airport, it'll be parked somewhere around the SW corner of the stadium....

We have made our arrangements now, and have got our tickets, so we're looking forward to visiting Calgary!

We'll be in row 27 in section C; are we sitting near anyone in here?

Have a good time Madjack Stamp fans are very welcoming! Take in a bit of tailgating before you go to the game. Enjoy your time in Calgary.

Well tailgating was going to be my next question, so thanks for mentioning it!!

We're staying downtown.....we have to pick up our tickets at McMahon.....what time should we arrive there in order to enjoy the tailgate parties, pick up our tickets, and not miss the opening kickoff? When do things start getting going there?

As most of you will know, I'm an Alouette fan, and the Mrs. doesn't have a favourite team (just that for some reason she loves to hate Winnipeg; always roots against them no matter who they happen to be playing), but we have decided that, along the lines of "when in Rome...." for 30 June 2007, we will be Stampeder fans for a day!

Well Madjack have a good time. There is lots to see but this game should be fun for you and your wife.

I'm not really sure when is best to show up to get the tailgating etc all in ... but I think the doors open one hour prior to kickoff. (And for some reason, kickoff always seems to be 8 minutes after the given time ... )

You should be able to pick up your tickets at any time. Head for the SE corner of the stadium, that's where the will call booths are. Tailgate parties are in the east parking lot, too. So you don't need to worry about taking too much time to get from a tailgate party to your seats. Unfortunately I can't give nearly enough advice on tailgate parties :frowning:

But you're not all that close to me ... section F, row 45 ... same side of the stadium, but that's about it!

(Oh yeah, once inside McMahon, you can only go from one side to the other by going around the north endzone, so you may want to instead go around the outside (to the south) and enter through the SW corner, since you're sitting in C)

Good point!