There is a virus going around - I was hit.

You get an email from a friend/contact and they ask you to click on a link. The link leads to all sorts of trouble.

Be careful and FYI...

Bumping the thread. Be careful all.

no worry. got no friends :slight_smile:

Good advice at any time...But what does the link supposedly direct to?

A Google-esk memory bank / cloud. It asks you to enter your email address so it can send you the file. It also asks for your password - my BIG mistake. I entered it - like a fool. Stupid, stupid, stupid !!!

I then called the person from whom the email came and he told me not to open the link or enter in the info - he did and all his friends got hit. By then, of course, it was too late.

Anyway, I changed my password and emailed everyone who could be on the receiving end from my account.


Well then FYB your enemies are going to send it you. Be careful anyway.

Kevin, was this a wonky email or a wonky FB message? I got this four way friend private chat message which said; hurry quick open this link, 2 people opted out of conversation and so did I. Strange and odd.

I've been getting heavily phished lately by not-so-cleverly-crafted fake PayPal emails. You can always tell the fakes because they NEVER address you by your name. Instead, they say something like "Dear Paypal User". Sure enough, check the header and it will come from some weird address in Italy or Russia or someplace where the crooks have hijacked a mail server.

I had the same experience recently with a very good fake e-mail from American Express and also from some outfit on behalf of Facebook. In fact for AMEX it was so good, I forwarded it to them for assistance in tracking down the crooks.

Other than also some spelling errors in the American Express e-mail, the above guidance is spot-on to determine a fake no matter how good it looks.

Can't remember much other than it was an email.

I would NEVER open up a link like that except I was waiting for a link from that person. What are the odds? 1000 to 1 ???

Anyway, I changed my email password to "TicatsAreTheBest" :wink: and scanned my computer. I also contacted everyone I know in case they got the same type of email from my account. Everything looks okay.

Ahhhh old people falling for emails like that... :lol:
Sorry you got hit though.

Ha, you and me both FYB. :smiley:

Thanks for the heads up though Kevin. :thup:

Sad but true.

Don't worry. As you get older, it is very difficult to make friends. Middle aged people like to be asked to do things but never want to put themselves out once they are asked.

We all tease Pat about going to endless sporting events but I'd be willing to bet he has lots of friends because he is willing to put himself out. I'm just curious if his friends return the favour when he wants something.

Sometime a good dose of paranoia is a bonus. :cowboy: